Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That wasn't so bad

Hmmm....The day started out snowing. It may have let up just a little, but it's snowing, yet again. I went to the store last night and it was a madhouse. Like el fucking muerto blanco is coming!!! Better load up on food because we might starve in a snow storm. Really? I hoofed it to and from work in the snow. People looked at me like I'm crazy. And I might be, but not for that reason.

But because of the snow, today was a trainer day. After walking home from work, I put some spaghetti squash in the oven and hopped on the bike for an hour of time trialing with Coach Troy. It warmed me up, so really, it wasn't that bad.
Today was also day #1 of "the cleanse". And I made it through successfully.

Now before you all start passing judgement about what this "cleanse" is, exactly, let me just tell you first and foremost, this is in no way a fast. It is simply a means of eating clean. REALLY clean.

It's 21 days long. And for the first 10 days, one can eat his weight in organic (non-starchy) vegetables. And have half as many servings of organic fruit. And you're allowed 1/2 cup brown rice or 1 cup lentils per day. And lots of water. Whey protein is also allowed (and recommended) in 2-3 shakes per day. There's just no meat. No dairy. No preservatives. No sugar. Spices and a couple tbsp of oil are also recommended.

Going in, I was terrified I'd be starving. But so far, I've not had any major low blood sugar moments or lingering hunger pains. I did, however, realize just how dependent upon caffeine I am. Not having that morning coffee is no bueno. The morning headache and sleepy eyes are something that will dissipate, but I'm not sure coffee is something I'll give up forever.

I actually didn't even have the rice/lentils today. I made the aforementioned spaghetti squash, which was topped with broccoli, carrots and a ginger sauce I mixed last night. Yum. I may feel differently in a few days, but for now, I'm feeling pretty good. 21 days is a long time though.


Chloe said...

Wow - 21 days is a long time with out coffee!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! It may not be snowing in florida - but it is pretty darn cold for us!

Signifying Nothing said...

The cleanse sounds amazing to me! I'm all for it. Good for you for giving up coffee for awhile. It is important to at least be aware of our weaknesses, addictions and tendencies.

Keep it up, and let us know how it goes!

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

"fucking muerto blanco" That funning. No coffee is muy malo. I could not survive.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I learned I can eat and eat and keep eating veggies cause of the low calorie count, and it fills me up

You happening to be dong the Warrior Dash in Logan this year?

Christi said...

Great job on the cleanse!

zencycle said...

I'd be surprised if you had any low-blood sugar moments on that diet. The fact that you're eating mostly vegetables means you're getting a pretty solid amount of complex carbs, which translates into a stable blood sugar level. Normal people only get low blood sugar from not enough carbs, or too many simple carbs (which wreak havoc with your insulin level, resulting in a blood sugar crash).

Not sure what you're trying to 'cleanse' with that diet though. I think a balanced paleo diet is _much_ more healthy. Especially since you skipping the rice and beans which could lead to protein deficiencies if you do it for too long.

Not only that, but significant dietary changes which by design eliminate balance, and are implemented without letting your body acclimate really aren't good for you.

Also, a 'cleansing diet' that lasts for only 21 days isn't going to clean a whole lot out of your system. All those toxins you're worried about are stored in your fat cells, and 21 days isn't nearly enough time to 'rotate the stock'.

You need a balanced diet, and if 'cleansing' is your goal then go paleo - all organic meats, fruits, and vegetable. nothing processed or agri-business farmed.

Scott said...

If you can stay off the caffeine, come IM race day, it'll be like jet fuel.