Monday, March 30, 2009

California dreamin'

I feel like I'm living some twisted nightmare. I just want to wake up.

Thankfully, I've got some great friends to help keep me focused on Cali. We leave tomorrow!!! Tom and I got on our trainers this evening for one last ride before disassembling and packing them in their cases for travel.

I spent the weekend in IL with my mom and granny and nieces. It's relaxing there and running in different terrain is always welcome. While it's different, it's very familiar. I've spent enough time there to know the lay of the land. I love running the gravel roads out near the farms, passing the parks and old town window shops. I always told mom I could never live in a small town like that, but there's something quite alluring about it these days. Maybe i've just grown into it. Maybe i now crave less hustle and bustle and more peace, serenity. Perhaps I just now know how difficult those things can be to come by.

Cali 70.3 is just a few days away. I'm getting focused and I think I'm really ready. I'm pretty excited for the sand, the warmth, the's just California...

Friday, March 27, 2009

no place like home

You were lonely, in need of some company, so you invited me in to the one bedroom apartment of your mind. I hesitated, seeing there wasn’t enough room…but you promised you’d make room; that together, we would clean up the place and share the space.

So I crossed the threshold.

Surprisingly, I felt safe and secure, wanted and loved and welcomed. You asked me to stay as long as I like. I promised to stay until you wanted me to leave.

As we cleared the dust off things passed, old memories full of joy and pain and love and sorrow came to the surface. And we both saw you weren’t really willing to separate from those things. The dumpster was a far walk, so we bagged them up and put them aside. And they still sit in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway…

I searched for a place to put my things, but there wasn’t much room, so I decided to just use yours. I slowly forgot about the stuff in my luxurious apartment, my hopes and dreams and memorabilia, the things that mattered to me. I substituted your things for mine. While the seat that is molded to your bum wasn’t nearly as comfortable as what I was used to, I tried to be grateful I had a place to sit at all.

Then you wanted your chair back and I was left to stand. I could feel the chill settling in, so I grabbed my jacket and headed for the door. You called me back and told me I could have the couch. And so I stayed, against my better judgment, knowing there was a chair at home fit just to me.

I squirmed on the couch and it irritated you. The more I tossed and turned, the angrier you became. I lost all gratitude for being there and longed for the warmth I felt when I’d first arrived.

The cold blast of your words pushed me toward the door, but I stopped short as you pulled me close and felt the heat of your body against mine. I clung tight, but you peeled yourself away; you pushed and poked and prodded and went to the back bedroom where you could have your own space.

And while I had one foot out the door, my nails dug into the frame with fear of what lie just outside. I considered whether we could rearrange the furniture and make more room…but I couldn’t lift it all without your help. It was all too heavy. And in your room you stayed.

Though you didn’t have the heart to ask me to leave, I knew I was no longer welcome. I stood in the doorway while you were sneaking in others through the window.

And hesitantly, I unclenched my fists and released the tension in my grip and I stopped fighting the obvious truth. I faced my fear and stepped outside. I saw that the sun was shining. And I remembered all my hopes and dreams were still back at my place...and while the journey back may be difficult and I may miss your company at times, there's really no place like home.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rest. it does a body good.

Wednesday was a double day. My first one in a few days. An hour on the trainer after work was all I could get through. I've got some things going on in my life outside of training that are making training hard. Thank GOD the hard work is out of the way and it's just maintenance and rest right now. I get uber sensitive with life when training is particularly grueling and sleep is hard to come by. Now, sleep and training are hard to come by because life is particularly grueling.

I awoke at 4:30am for Masters practice and decided I was just going to let it all go, accept that what is occuring is occuring for a reason; that while I never know whyI'm doing it when I'm standing without an umbrella in the middle of a downpour, I will some day realize that it was simply to avoid lightning strike. And so practice began and ended beautifully in my new pink flames Splish suit...

The time I'm getting between workouts and the lack of weight training is really letting me know what I've got. Today, we did about 600 for a warm-up and then 4x400 on 6:30 and I held 5:50-5:55 on all of them. Then 4x(2x25kick on :30, 2x25 swim on :20) and we ended with 3x100 pick your poison...lane 1 - 1:15, lane 2 - 1:25, lane 3 - 1:35. I couldn't decide between lanes 1 and 2, so I figured I'd just try for lane 1...and I made the first 100!!! In under 1:15. That's the fastest I've ever swam 100 (i only got in the water about 3 years ago and had my first formal instruction about 4 months ago). I missed the second interval an dthe last one just sucked, but making even one made me pretty ecstatic!

So, tonight is just a night chillin' on the couch watching Idol with mom and Kaylee cause this guy at work says I remind him of the blonde with tats... I guess i need to check her out and assess for myself whether it's a compliment.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

coming into focus

With IM cali 70.3 quickly approaching, training hours are taking a dip. Just 8 hours this week. But it's eight hours of the good stuff. I'm fresher than I've been in months and my body is getting rest between the more intense training sessions.

Tuesday morning was Masters practice. Aaron had fun with us. We started with 8x25 on :30, odds were streamline kick, evens were swim. I made the kick interval for the first time!!! Then came the fun, 8x25 on :30, odds were double armed backstroke and evens were opposing stroke and kick (ie - breast stroke with flutter kick or back stroke with breast kick...) just to get our heart rates up. HA HA HA!!! There is a reason I run and bike...I am not very coordinated.

We moved on to our main set of 12x100 (4 w/pull gear on 1:30, 4 swim on 1:25, 4 w/fins on 1:20). I was the only one in my lane to make all the intervals!! Next up was 3x(200 non-free swim on 3:40, 100 easy free on 2:00). Fun day for training and the guys all make it worth getting up at 4:30 am.

I didn't get much sleep Monday night due to some personal conflicts, so I went home Tuesday and just sat with the pup and watched the storm roll in. The weather is beginning to get warm and it's really beautiful this time of year.

I got up at 5am this morning for a short brick...and to try out my new Zoot shoes. Riding was on the trainer (blech...) but it went well and then off for a transition run in the rain! And i could feel that I haven't been killing myself the last few days. My legs felt good. My steps were quick and light and the new shoes? Incredible!

Now, looking forward to swimming in my new Splish suit that came yesterday :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Manic Monday

Got a case of the blues yesterday. Guess I should've pulled out that video of Paul dancing around...or eating that damn mango. Instead, I took Clubber for a walk around the lake. I went tanning. I bought some groceries. I laid in bed and I cried. Mom helped me highlight my hair. We laughed as we imagined the disaster it nearly became...and when I rinsed and washed, I instantly felt prettier. Training rarely leaves me feeling pretty. I'm usually in gear, headed to/from a training session. Instead of loving the long lines provided by wearing heels, I loathe the way my calves tighten from prancing around in them at work all I opt for flats these days. The constant sweating leaves me with acne. And long hair is too much maintenance, so it stays short.

Some days I long for lucious locks and twiggy thighs again. Some days I wish my shoulders and back weren't too broad to fit into my size 2 or 4 jackets. Some days I wish I had the entire weekend to do something other than train. Some days, I just wish I could spend a night out on the town in a mini dress and heels instead of being in bed by 9:30. But those days pass and I know that if I had those girly things, I wouldn't feel complete and I wouldn't be being true to me. I wouldn't have these muscles and this strength. And I wouldn't feel the rush of adrenaline at the start of a race. I wouldn't know the thrill of accomplishment after an Ironman. I'd probably be doing something self-desructive for that high.

So, despite how I was feeling, I went out for a ride last night...down past the McDonald's to the road that takes you to the middle of nowhere. It's hilly and curvey and full of motorcyclists and dogs that aren't fenced. It's a road on which I've got no choice but ride fast. I'd had some hesitancy on the downhills on Saturday, with the gravel and having been on my trainer all winter and not having put on new tires yet. I needed the practice. I didn't like the ride. It was one of those that you know you "need" to put in. It was nice out though. And I did ride fast. And I wasn't afraid of the downhills that flow into hairpin turns. I was aware that even if that ride didn't feel great, the feeling would pass and I'd soon feel that excitement for riding again.

I went to bed early. My alarm sounded at 5am today. I hit snooze until 5:30, when I dragged my bum outta bed and went out for a nice hilly run. I was going to stop at 6 miles, but decided to just throw in a couple great big hill, just for good measure. And I'm glad I did! Just about 4.5 more hours of work and I get to go for a swim.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

like old times. only better

Saturday morning was a treat! I slept in a bit and then packed my bike, food and gear and headed to Tom's. It was only 35 degrees so I went for a 3.5 mile warm-up run before our ride together.

The ride was beautiful. We were just powering along the river, taking in the scenery...then came the hill...a very long steep hill that takes you South, away from the river. By the time I reached the top, my legs were burning. I'd forgotten that sensation. My legs have burned on the trainer, but it's alltogether different on the road. And I absolutely loved it! We made record time (compared to last summer) for the course and then headed out for a 30 min run. My feet were numb from the bike and I didn't get all feeling back until nearly the end of the run. I didn't so much love that.

Home and showered, mom and I headed out for some shopping and dinner and then we rented a movie. I was up late and slept in this morning. Well, until I got a text at 7am...

I slept in my compression tights, so my legs are quite fresh today. And it's supposed to be in the I may get the bike out again!

Friday, March 20, 2009

ready for the weekend

So, one good thing about Paul being gone is that I have lots of time for me. Ha ha.

Tomorrow, I'm going for a ride with Tom, my old training buddy, and then going shopping with mom! I'm totally stoked about both. Next weekend, I'm going to IL to see the fam. I'll be tapering, so it'll be good distraction to be on the road and visiting and painting mom's garage and all. Only thing I've got to be aware of while there is shoveling food down my throat. They always want to feed me...and it's always fried chicken and creamy sides and cakes and pies and cookies and ice cream...

Training, today was just recovery. Easy 45 min run with strides in 27 degrees before work and then a 2k swim after. Tomorrow may be challenging...looking forward to hills and the run after!

On another note, Paul went to this park today where he got to play with lion cubs. And I get this text that said he was 'mauled' and that when he turned around, one had jumped on his back and they liked to play rough! Then, when I asked if he was ok, he waited a half hour to respond. You can't do that!! Sheesh! He's fine, but here's a phone pic of the one that tried to eat him :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I like Thursdays. I have swim practice early in the morning and, occassionally, I'll take the evening off training and run errands or go to bed early. It's also the last day of the work week that I have to dress up. It's the almost Friday and there is some type of excitement in the air...

On a training note, I'm getting really geared up for IM Cali 70.3. I'm more ready to race than I may have ever been. I'm actually quite surprised. I'm surprised when I catch a passing glimpse of myself in the mirror and see muscles. I'm surprised that I feel so comortable in the water. I'm surprised that while my legs are thicker, I can still run fast. I'm surprised at how easy biking feels in the big gear. And some days, I'm just surprised I'm still around at all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the only thing constant is change

I switched departments at work on Friday. It wasn't a voluntary move, but more a "Hey, we need you upstairs in Aircraft. Would you mind helping out?". Me..."Sure. I'm not doing anything down here". And thus, a move ensued. It's different upstairs. I don't have my buddies to keep me company, give me laughs, shares silly stories. I spent two years up here early in my career, but I'm having to re-aclimate to the bathroom, the way the water spiggot is different in the cafeteria, the tension you can feel when you walk in the door, the fact that I can no longer take 2 hour lunches to train because I now have a boss that cares...and there's actual work to be done. Frankly, I'm busy, but I'm bored.

Paul left for South Africa on Monday. It's not that we saw each other every day before his departure since he's in Dayton and I'm in Cincy, but there's something different about having him an hour drive away vs. having him halfway across the world. I haven't heard his voice in about 48 hours. We're communicating via text. I don't have him to tuck me in every night. The last words I hear before resting my lids aren't "love you, baby." He's sleeping right now and I'm getting ready for an evening ride.

Monday, March 16, 2009

competing near and far

Friday night, I went for an easy swim, just about 1800 meters and felt great! I knew I had a test before me on Saturday and I was a little worried about it.

A guy that I swim masters with asked me to participate in a "Catch Me Run" at the regional airport. Just 5 miles on flat ground with a $5 donation entry for Downs Syndrome. Basically, we sent the director our predicted time and had a staggered 'handicap' start based on that so that we would have a mass finish rather than a mass start. (Could there be a more perfect run for someone like me who can't resist picking off people running ahead?!?) This group of people all know each other from various running groups so I knew the stakes would be pretty high. Lots of people were going to be runnig several miles before and/or after the fun run. I opted for both.

Saturday morning, I awoke with that awful pre-race nervousness and headed to the airport with sweats over my shorts. Local news said it was 39 degrees while my car read 34. After a 4 mile warm-up that was feeling a little too quick for my lethargic legs, the race was on. It's strange starting a race alone. It really tests your ability to pace yourself. I crossed the first mile at 6:43. My pace was supposed to be 7:00, but i felt good, so I didn't intentionally slow. Mile 2 was exactly 7. At mile 4, I was a little surprised by how relaxed and focused and in control I felt, so I poured it on. I finished with a 6:52 pace, which was good enough for second fastest female time of the day. I finished the morning with another easy five miles with the designated run "Sandbagger". Total confidence booster kinda run for me.

Went home, had some coffee and jumped on the trainer for two hours before heading to Wheelie Fun to have the bike checked out because the chain is dropping in low gears. The whole thing was jacked, but they fixed her right up for me while I chatted with te crew. LOVE the guys at Wheelie Fun!! They're fun and do a good job.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning were spent cleaning and packing up Paully's place for his move. It's great when you find someone with whom you can have fun while cleaning. Went for an easy mile swim, which included 10x100 pull on 1:40, in the pool on Sunday. I thought that was going to be it for me for the day since I suspected my legs would be a bit achy from Saturday's adventure...

BUT, Paul had picked me up some compression tights and socks and hung out in them Saturday evening and slept in the tights that night and I awoke to fresh legs on Sunday!! Triathlete's new best friend is recovery compression gear.

After a birthday lunch for his uncle, I got back home and suddenly felt very sad that taking Paul to the airport today would be the last time i see him til Cali. I decided to go for a run to clear my head. It was one of those runs that are completely effortless, the kind where you find release from care boredom and worry, the kind that grant comfort and confidence that you're doing just what you're supposed to.

Monday morning came all too soon, but i hit up the gym for one of my last weight sessions before the race in less than 3 weeks. And at noon, I left work to go take Paully to the airport and send him on his way to South Africa, where he'll be coaching and competing for the USLA team. He's not raced open water in over a year and i think he's got that same mix of fear and excitement of the unknown we all get when we know we've worked really hard, but we're not sure it was hard enough.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

late to bed, early to rise

Wow. I can be so dramatic!
I got to Dayton last night and Paul had actually done quite a bit of work on that place in the previous 3 days. We loaded up his couch, chair, antler lamp (yeah. an antler lamp) after we dined and cleaned up. It was a fabulous evening, really.

I debated on whether to stay the night and make the drive back to Cincy in the morning or turn around and sleep in my own bed and try to make it to Master's practice on 5 hours of slumber. I chose the latter. I'd told myself long ago (after learning the hard way) that I wasn't going to let any boy, no matter how amazing, get in the way of my goals and being the person I want to be. So, while 4:30 am came wayyyyy too soon this morning, practice was well worth rising from the warm covers and a snuggley Clubber.

We started with 6x75 drill on 1:30. And when Aaron said "Thursday will be a distance day" I didn't really imagine I'd be doing 5x300 (with every 4th 25 non-free) on 5:00. This was meant to just be an easy aerobic set, so I treated it as such. He let us know the next set would be harder. And it was. Strap on paddles. Buoy between thighs. 7x100. First three and last three on 1:20. Middle on 2:00. And, let the lat burning begin!

It's about 10:30am and I already feel that I'll be napping over my lunch break.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Only in Ohio.. it 78 degrees one day and 39 the next.

Monday was a beautiful day, albeit a little cloudy. My alarm buzzed at 5am. I nixed that and reset it for 6, which meant just a quick 4 mile run before work to loosen the legs after Sunday's rest. I watched the clock tick down to 5pm when I could change into my tri shorts and get out on my bike. It was nearly 60 degrees and crazy windy, but being back out on the road, well....there's just nothing like it!

Tuesday morning's swim practice came quick! And it was a sprint workout. Not what I'm particularly good at doing - going fast for short stints, but it was fun.

I couldn't quite get into "work mode" yesterday so I went home for lunch to visit with mom. It was already 75 degrees, so we walked Clubber around the pond behind our place. She only did two fake pees, where she might actually squeeze out some urine, but she definitely is just trying to stop for a bit because she's tired. It was difficult going back to my cubicle and office lighting after that...but I got busy and before I knew, it was time to down some yogurt and granola to fuel my 10 mile run at the regional airport!!!

Did a 5 mile loop on my own and I waited for the group to arrive for another 5 mile loop. I stopped at the toilet just as they took off, so I played catch-up for the first mile or so. Fun stuff! I got to go chase down the fastest group...and then I settled into their 8 min pace. Beautiful run and I got to chat with my buds, Shannon and Tim, and meet some other new folks.

Last night was a full moon, so I was well aware craziness could ensue.
And it did.
Paul has exactly six days to be out of his apartment. That apartment is still full of stuff. And by "stuff", I mean bed, couch, chairs, a deep freezer, lamps, swim gear galore, clothes...the cabinets and closets are still full... And during one of his freak outs the other night regarding the situation, I offered to go up and help him on Wednesday night (tonight). I did not know this would mean he would do all the things he wanted to do (swim, lift, WATCH MOVIES, go Tanning!?!) in the meantime. I'm rearranging my schedule to accomodate his while he his schedule accomodates all he wants. Yeah. I'm frustrated. I swear, men can be so fucking selfish! And stupid me...I'm playing into it! Ugh.

So, I awoke to 30 degree temps and rain this morning. I got on the trainer for a sweaty hour (15 min WU, 12x30" @110 RPM every 3', 90 RPM otherwise, CD) and a walk with the pup and some band work....and packing my bag for this evening and work tomorrow (just in case I decide to stay). I'm headed to Dayton right after work. This evening could end very badly. We shall see.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rainstorms and Recovery days

I got home around 5 :30 this evening from hanging with Paul in Dayton, and while it was nearly 70 degrees and windy, I sent him a text and told him I couldn't help but wish I were at the beach. His response? "Ha ha! It's gonna be awesome!" You know what else is awesome?
Sitting on the porch during a rainstorm...
Taking your bike for a quick spin 2 minutes before the tornado alarm sounds...
Outdoor training pools...
The paint on Clubber's chest...
A banana with peanut butter...
Eating cereal for dinner...
Hearing your mom say she's proud of the woman you've become...
Being totally productive on a rest day...
Destination races...
Never tiring of hearing the words "I love you"...
Single red roses...
The smell of spring...
Sleeping with the windows open...
Not knowing what lies in store, and being excited rather than afraid.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

I took Clubber for a long walk this morning after a short spin on the trainer. It was already beautiful at 6am - 65 degrees and the birds were chirping. As we walked, Clubber would get distracted and dart after the birds. It occurred to me that she pretty much chases after anything and everything that's faster than she...birds, squirrels, deer, Drake, me, cars, etc. And it made me think....

I do the same thing!!! I chase after things that are just out of reach. When I'm out for a run or a ride and I see someone ahead, I have to go catch them. Most of the time I don't even realize that I increase my pace because my focus is so shifted. Tom and I used to joke because he could see it as it was happening - even if he didn't see the "rabbit" ahead, he knew there had to be one just by the look on my face, the determination in my eyes and the sudden increase in energy and speed.

The difference between that little pup and me? I don't think she has any fear in relation to not actually catching that bird or squirrel. She just goes after it. The problem I tend to have with chasing more, faster, better is the inability to appreciate what I've got right now. When my focus shifts from the workout I'm in to catching the target ahead, I've lost focus on my training session and seemingly given focus to someone else's. And this isn't just apparent in my trianing. It's in my careeer, my relationships, my possessions, my figure... So why is it that I have such a problem appreciating what I have?

Suzanne (the massuese) and I discussed "fear of losing something" yesterday. While this fear is deemed as negative, it isn't always so. It's positive in the sense that it means I actually want something enough to not want to just let it go. That said, I also need to have some faith that I'm gonna be ok and I am still a good person and I can still have a good workout, worthwhile life, happy day, etc whether or not I catch that faster runner, maintain my position, always have a boyfriend, or a rainstorm ruins my cute leather biker jacket. While it's not bad to want something or not want to lose something I already have, it can have a negative effect when that fear of not getting what I want or losing what I already have overtakes my appreciation for the having it or the journey in attaining it.

So, today, I'm going to take a lesson from my little girl and continue to go after what I want while also appreciating what I have RIGHT NOW...and right now, I have a pretty fucking amazing life.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best Day Ever!!!

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and just know it's going to be a good one?

I woke up at 4:30am for practice and sent Paul a pic of my awesome bed head(see below for a sampling). Totally cheesey, but we love to compare...and you have to keep things interesting in a long-distance relationship, right? And, no, the pictures aren't always so lame. or tame.

Anyway, practice started ok and coach Aaron told us we were gonna do 8x275 on 4:15...the first 4 were pulling with paddles and the second 4 were straight swim. Dude. That's 2200 right there!! That was after warm-up and 8x75. And i knew those last four would hurt. I was scared. Alas, my arms were fine. I made all the intervals and realized I was worried for not.

Then, I worked for 2 hours and went to my massage. And that was amazing. She worked my right glute so well that i can now sit cross legged with zero pain! Plus, we talked about relationships and the feminine archetype...and how the masculine side doesn't need to show when a mate has comparable masculine traits, allowing the female to be purely feminine...which entails being intuitive, emotional, and chaotic. Yes, we chics are chaotic. Really?! I didn't know! I'm fucking bat shit crazy. Are you kidding me? I kinda hate that "feminine" aspect. But the massage was great and she gave me lots to ponder...

I went back to work and was called into my boss's office, of whom i'm not a huge fan. He tells me I'm getting a $5k bonus!! Yay ME!!! Then, Rob and I stood around and talked and joked about some stuff, while he skittishly wrote on a piece of paper "$5k for this?!" Yeah. It's ridiculous.

I got off work and it was 64 degrees, so I went for an hour run. I thought a lot about what a psychobitch I've been to Paul and didn't even know's like I was SEARCHING for things to razz him about. I came home to the smell of grilled chicken and sweet potato fries, but ran to my room to call Paully and apologize for being a lunatic and that if he'd acted the way I had, my feelings would be hurt. I still haven't worked through it all, but at least I'm more aware of my insanity. I also got about 10 hoots and one photo taken while on my run. Seriously, there was flash and all.

So, I had dinner, read some blogs and now, I'm pooped...and Clubber is already snoring next to me :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Went for a couple cold loops around the airfield last night at Lunken. The second one was with a group and I got to meet some cool new peeps. Good convo, so that second lop was waaayyy easier than the first that i did alone.

I was asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow, well before 10pm...and slept in til 6am!! I awoke feeling great! Did a 30 min spin on the trainer and then off to work, which was uneventful. Then for a more diffcult hour ride (4x5min hard, 3min easy @ same cadence) and a quick follow up run.
Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 63 degrees!!! And, I'm getting a massage...and this massuese is like a therapist too. She works through fears and talks through dreams. I don't know if I'm more excited about her working out my knots or through my thoughts.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Retarded o'clock + retarded cold = Retarded!

I got up at 4:30am and it was all of 7 degrees outside. As I drove to practice, I thought about summertime and living on the beach this year and riding my bike as the sun rises...

...And I snapped out of dream land and right into the pool because we had a lot of yardage to cover...3200 yeard to be exact, 1000 of which was non-free.

My arms and abs are achey from my weight/swim session yesterday morning. I'm glad since it was my only workout of the day. I picked up my niece, Kaylee, from school. We did homework, met my dad for food, finished homework, colored pictures, performed karaoke in the living room, braided hair, watched Sponge Bob, walked Clubber...all in, like, four hours. Mom walked in the door and asked "how ya doin'?".

"I'm tired" was all I could manage.

Ironically, it's also all I could manage when she got up this morning as I walked in the door from practice.

I think that's my perpetual state once I really get into training for something. I think my entire summer was spent "tired". It's unavoidable when I dedicate a seemingly unGodly number of hours to training and I'm not a pro (meaning I have a full time job) and I have some friends, even a significant other, family, a pup, a home... It just seems as though there isn't enough time to ever fit it all in.

So, today, I'm back to a double...and I have a 2 hour run scheduled at the airport this evening. The first half will be alone, but the second half will be with a group. I hope it warms up! For now, I'm gonna go do that fake "I'm reading financial statements" when I'm really taking a quick nap at my desk!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

weekend wrap-up

I finished work Friday and went to Dayton, where Paul had single red rose and dinner waiting for me. We ate and talked and I laid in his arms.
Saturday, we got up and went for a swim and then to the Wheelie Fun sale. I got a $419 full wetsuit for $150! Woo hoo!! I also picked up another pair of Pearl Izumi tri shorts that I'm sure I'll need for training and racing this summer. After chattin' with a local triathlete that did Cali 70.3 last year about the course and meeting another who is going out there this year, it was almost 2pm and we were starving... So, we made the 40 mile trek to my place, ate, dropped the dog, packed our bags and left for a couple hours at the gym before heading west to my dad's for dinner.

I had a great run, even if it was on the treadmill. I found that comfortable stride again, where I'm able to just focus and it's all fluid and easy instead of labored and choppy. After Cali 70.3 on April 4, I have the Flying Pig Marathon on May 3 and then Triple T May 24-26 before cooling my jets and focusing on IMKY on August 30. Anyway, this was the run...
10 min warm-up @ 8:06 pace
15 x (1 min @ 6:31 pace, 1 min @ 7:47 pace - supposedto be 5k pace and marathon pace. i did my best guestimate)
5 min cool-down @ 8:06 pace

Then on to 15 mins on the ERG, with an emphasis on the core, and about 20 mins of pulling in the pool.!!! Dad made this fantastic spaghetti sauce, and in true dad fashion, realized he had no spaghetti as the water began to boil. Dinner was delayed a bit as he ran to the store, so Marie, dad's wife, got to interrogate Paul. He did pretty well. I think. Dad said he seemed "nice and normal". Ha ha! That's a compliment coming from dad...or maybe it says something about the guys I've dated in the past? Either way, I think dad has come to realize that I'm going to do what I want to do regardless what he thinks.

We stayed up wayyyy past our bedtime. It was like, 11 or something, so we slept in this morning and went for a run down to the river. We stopped at the levee for a drink from the fountain and as we started up again, I stopped mid-stride, made an exaggerated pause and let loose a very audible gas cloud. I turned around and this middle aged professional looking man was staring straight at me with this look of "what the hell was that?!?". Paul laughed as I turned 3 shades of scarlet and took off, asking "did he hear me? oh my God, do you think he heard me?"

After the cold windy run, Paul left and I went into the office for a bit and searched deep down for some inspiration to do more training for the day. I'm so so so sick of the cold. Tonight, it's supposed to be -12 with the wind chill. Somehow, by the time I got home, I really felt like riding, so I hopped on the trainer for 2 hours while I watched America's Next Top Model.

We also brushed Clubber's teeth today. She wasn't very happy with us... I'm glad she doesn't have great recall. She's snoring next to me now.