Friday, June 4, 2010

My masseuse

I was driving home yesterday when my phone rang. I recognized the number, but couldn't exactly place it. I, master of call screening, decided to answer, knowing I could cut the convo short because I had to get ready for a ride.

me: Hello?
Caller: "Amanda! Hello! This is Suzanne! How are you doing?"
me: "HI!!!! I'm great!"
Suzanne: "I was just looking for someone's number and I saw your name and number right next to their's...and I just got the feeling I should give you a ring".

[Suzanne is my very intuitive English masseuse that also doubles a somewhat of a spiritual guide. She just knows stuff. I also have not seen her since before Australia, which was late October.]

Suzanne: "Goodness! Australia must seem like eons ago! Are you going back? To stay perhaps? I have this feeling you're going away".
me: [as chills run down my spine...sometimes I forget just how intuitive she is.] "um. No...but I am moving to Connecticut at the end of the month."
Suzanne: "AHA!! That's it! Well, i'm certainly glad I called then!"

So, I'm going to go see her next weekend.
And, yes, I'm moving northeast at the end of June.
And I'm quite excited...though I will miss all my crazy training partners and friends here. It's just time to start a new chapter.


Judi said...

i need her number again! MUST see her.

Kim said...

CT is near MA and I live in MA, so yayyyy!

RockStarTri said...

Welcome to the Northeast!

Red Bike said...

If she fancies moving back to England theres a customer here.

I'm just starting to find out the hard way how tough this running, swimming and riding lark is.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

That is crazy about your masseuse! I used to live in CT when I was younger. It is sooo beautiful there!