Friday, October 22, 2010

busy, busy

Since I arrived home from Tour de Beer, my schedule has been quite hectic. I registered for the Tecumseh Trail Marathon on December 4 in Bloomington, IN. AND i went back to masters swim practice. And I got in two rides with boys. And I'm getting everything together for my dream job. Ahhh...
I took three whole weeks out of the water. And this left me very well rested. and very scared about going back. would i even remember how to swim? would i have any endurance? will i even fit into my suit? would i make it through practice?

Well, fortunately, swimming is a bit like riding a bike. once you know how to do it, it comes back quickly. and while my muscular endurance isn't quite what it was, meaning i tire more easily when doing pull sets, i haven't really lost my cardio endurance, so i can make it through practice without problem. and my shoulders are only slightly achy today. but that probably has more to do with the two hour trail run and 90 min bike i did yesterday AFTER practice.

I hit the trails Monday before work. and i got lost, which is great. just not when i have to get to work and this creates a conflict with getting there in timely fashion.

I spent almost three hours riding on Tuesday at a nice, easy pace with an aforementioned pro, who really is just like any other buddy of mine. he just happens to get paid to ride bikes. and then we went and had thanksgiving (ie - loooootts of food) for lunch. and i ran some errands for a friend, which led to the ride yesterday.

I was "owed one" so after masters and a two hour trail run, where i didn't fall once (ok, maybe it's because i'm so fat and slow right now. ugh) i joined a friend for an easy ride and then was treated to dinner. and quite possibly, the most tasty brownie i've ever had.

outside of training, I'm gunning for this job I wanted about two years ago that i brushed aside because i met a boy. stupid girl. anyway, it's a field instructor position for adult wilderness therapy out in Utah. So, i've got my letters of recommendation all lined up and i'm hopeful. oh, i want this bad.

And i went to see Jackass in 3D, where i gagged more than i ever have in a training session. those dudes are SICK. the sweat cocktail gives me nightmares. and the slingshot port-a-pottie is quite possibly the most vulgar thing i can imagine. i mean, really, he had to have had shit caked in his ears and other crevices for days. at what point does the stench go away? ughh.

and today i slept in. ya know, until 7am. and i've been catching up on email and blogs. and prepping for another long trail run. i want to make it through this trail marathon in one piece. and we already got our "off season" training plan for next week. Oh, and two of my teammates just got their pro cards. woo hoo!


Kim said...

im liking everything youre doing right about now amanda! riding/running/drinking... and that job sounds right up your alley! im pulling for ya!

btw - my boss saw jackass and was telling me about sweat cocktail and the porta potty. i was gagging.

Aimee said...

Good luck with the new job! I hope you get it!

Ugh...I can't watch the Jackass stuff anymore. I actually think they've gone a little too far and it's just absolutely disgusting! Gag!

Christi said...

Wow, sounds like things are going great. I wish you the best of luck in your job pursuit! I hope you get it!

Judi said...

oct - LC tri. 2 months later a freaking trail marathon? you don't stop! crazy.

the dc boys are much like the guys on jackass. its fun sometimes. makes for lots of laughs.

Brett P said...

That sounds like a cool job, Amanda! Good luck!

Melissa said...

"swimming is a bit like riding a bike. once you know how to do it, it comes back quickly." THIS is good to know. !

chris mcpeake said...

any trail run you dont fall is a bonus. Good luck on the job.