Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The proof is in the pudding!

The first picture is me, beginning of season, on top of the world, running in the rain, on a hilly course, looking and feeling strong, running down chicks half my size.

the second picture is still me...but, end of season, feeling like in the depths of hell, in the heat , on a completely flat course, looking and feeling in pain, stopping and pleading with God to simply finish.

This, my friends, is the difference in mentality between: 1) i can do anything i want. i can go fast. i am fast. no matter what is going on, who my competition may be or what may pose as an obstacle...and 2) i am not really sure of what i can do. I don't even know if i can finish. Damn. i hope i can finish. i wish it weren't so damn hot. i melt in the heat.

both pictures were of runs in the same distance, half marathon, just different times in life. And i think it's pretty apparent which is better, faster.


Christi said...

Faster is definitely better!

The Sean said...

lessons abound

Ron said...

I was going to tell you, the 2011 Worlds is here in Las Vegas and is "my" home course. If you need any info about that let me know. I would be happy to help.

Bill said...

Cool and fast are definitely better than hot and slow. Don't let it get you down. I too have learned this lesson too many times.

zencycle said...

That, my friend, is simply a case of burn-out. It's been a long season for you, with the added stress of emotional turmoil. Take a break, become friends with yourself again. Become friends with your tools again. Your shoes don't hate you, your bike doesn't hate you, and the water doesn't hate you. They await you, and wait to serve you.

It's just like any other relationship. When you put that level of intensity into it over that short a period of time, you'll tend to get on each others nerves.

Try taking it slow for a while. Become friends again.

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