Friday, April 23, 2010

Always something new

Ya know how sometimes life just surprises you? Sometimes it's the good wow-i-never-knew-what-i-was-missing! kinda surprise. And sometimes it's the don't-know-what-you-had-til-it's-gone kinda surprise. That latter kind sucks.

I got a kick-in-the-gut surprise the other night by someone I love dearly. And this person is always supportive in word, but when it comes to action, there is very little follow through. And for some reason, I continue to believe the word, even when experience tells me I shouldn't.

So, that hit Wednesday.

I ended up taking Clubber to the dog park and vacuuming since I ran an easy 7 that morning and I knew Masters wouldn't be cake the next morning. And because I knew, mentally, I was a little bummed, which meant I would totally kill myself trying to blow off steam if I trained. And frankly, that would be a bad choice.

But I wasn't disappointed with swim practice. After warm-up, it was 30 mins of 100s on 1:25. And then it was 10 mins of 50s kicking with fins on :45.

I met my buddy, Ackerman, for a ride after work and we tagged on the back of a group ride...where I discovered the identity of Joe Biker, oh so randomly. We're riding along and I thought he looked like this other cyclist I met a while back. I say, "are you Dale?" and he says, "No, I'm Joe." DING DING DING. Light bulb! So, the mystique is gone and I now know what he looks like, in real life.

Anyway, it was a good ride - enough speed to keep it interesting, enough distance to make it a workout, enough good cheer to keep it fun and one neon wearing, whistle-toting safety cyclist to scare off dogs, drivers and birds.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a trip over to Shawnee to ride the TTT course, but it looks to be a intense trainer session followed by a run in the rain...and if it's not storming Sunday, my first bike race!


TRI-james said...

30 mins of 100's on 1:25 - impressive. I might get 1.

Judi said...

i think you could probably podium your first race.

Christi said...

Good luck with the race. I hope the weather cooperates.

Sean in DC said...

Heh, my all-time 100m record is 1:24. RESPECT!

The un-Zen Runner said...

Dang, I can't even do one 100 at 1:25. Good work.

Chloe said...

My heart rate just rose reading about your 100's - awesome job!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Did you get to race?

We were able to ride 50 at the Mid Ohio, then 5 minutes on the car ride home it downpoured, real bad, I feel bad for the century riders that were caught in it