Saturday, September 11, 2010


After a very hot and humid summer in Cincinnati, the weather has finally broken. And we have some relief!

It's amazing!

I mean, it suddenly feels easy to breath on a long run. Shoes don't weigh an extra 3 pounds after a few miles. In fact, morning rides actually require arm warmers. OK, maybe they aren't required, but it's definitely more comfortable with them.

I'm loving it. Hopefully it holds for the 100k Sunflower revolution ride in the morn...and more importantly, for all my teammates racing Rev 3 tomorrow. So many of these guys have been an incredible part of my training and life throughout the last year.  Also a shout out to Holly racing Worlds in Budapest and Scott, my uber super Triple T partner, doing IMWI.


TRI-james said...

The morning temps have been better, but arm warmers? I think I would still be sweating in the first 2 minutes.

Anonymous said...

TJ..I'm with you. Arm warmers dont come out for me down here until WELL into the winter months. But..I'm also in Houston

Kim said...

i am so so SO glad that my tri season is almost over so i dont have to bike in the cold!!! you look great, did you lighten your locks?

Ray said...

totally digging the castelli cap, sideways even!

Mark said...

WTF?!! Where did you get those kick-ass arm warmers from? I know Jeff Henderson, and they were NOT in my race packet! I am super jealous.

I know you don't care.... c'est la vie.

Keep rockin'