Monday, December 13, 2010

The white death

It's come. We got our first real snowfall!!

Schools were shut down. and cars were off the roads.

luckily, this morning, I just had a trainer ride. And yesterday, I went for a long road run before most of the snow hit. It was cold and windy. And the pace started out kinda brisk.

I was with a guy who'd also done the trail marathon last weekend. And he's got an ultra in just four weeks. And I was game for a long run. It was a relief to hear him say "this is starting to hurt" with 7 miles to go. And that's when I busted out the emergency shot bloks. They saved the day until a couple miles left...when it really started to hurt...but we made it in.

And that run and the race last weekend are the things that have sparked something in me. something that i felt went into hiding over the last few months.

So today, I planned out a race calendar for the coming year. And it's stacked!

January entails the Frostbite 5, a Splash 'n' Dash, a trail race.
February, a 6 hour ROGAINE, a Splash 'n' Dash, a trail race
March, a Splash 'n' Dash and a trail race
April, Heart of the South 200, a trail race
may is the 1/2 Mary Pig and Triple T
June is a local tri
July is a half in upstate NY and possibly an Xterra tri
And late August isIMKY!!!
And then November is LC Worlds.


Four Christmases is coming.

And I picked up a Band of Horses album this evening. it's fab.


Christi said...

Great calendar! I think you will have a great year!

Chloe said...

Awesome race calendar - and IMKY? AWESOME! You are going to rock that race out!!

Carolina John said...

that's a busy race calendar. Triple T? like the ohio heavy weekend? I hear that's harder than ironman.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Are you doing Deer Creek again in June?

zencycle said...

"keep on chooglin'"
Creedence Clearwater Revival

(verification word 'urear'...HAH!!!)

Sean in NY said...

ok, i've got to bite - what race in upstate ny???

mountain hardwear said...

good luck on your plans..

Judi said...

xterra!! :0)

i swam today. lookout.

Charisa said...

Enjoy the snow! I love band of horses too.