Thursday, December 2, 2010


There are some things about me that most people don't know...and that you lucky readers now have the pleasure of learning.

 - When I am sick, I sometimes feel high. And I swear my IQ drops more than a few digits. Seriously. And it's not because I take drugs. I don't. I'm far too sensitive. One dose of antihistimine and I won't shit for three days. On occasion, I'll throw back a Tylenol or Aleve, but it's rare. Back to being stupid...I have very little concentration. I can't speak correctly, and this post will likely be full of grammatical errors.

 - I do not like to participate in others' drama. I don't really appreciate that someone posted anonymously on Judi's blog and brought me up in it. Seriously, wtf? (and i'm still trying to figure out who I know well enough that doesn't know how to spell "you're"). Also associated with this same point of other peoples drama, I've been disconnected with my bff. And I'm super sad. I feel like I've lost a limb.

 - I look for a meaning in almost everything. I mean, I heard "Joey" by Concrete Blonde the last two evenings on the radio, and I'm wondering if there's a Joey that I need to not be angry with anymore? And I usually don't taper well, but being sick is forcing me to taper for maybe it's not such a bad thing?

 - I am not very tidy. I vacuumed this evening and found four bobbypins and a lottery ticket from at least two months ago. But I do try to hang my clothes on a fairly regular basis. Though anyone who really knows me would probably refute this last statement.

 - Man, I love me some cereal. And I eat it dry. By the handful. A box purchsed will be consumed wholly within the week.

 - I really love my dog. Really. And some dude came into the shop the other day, saw Clubber, asked if she was mine, and when I said yes, he picked her up and said "of course she is! She's obviously a girl's dog" and then continued "no man would tolerate a dog like this". Umm....really? Everything that came out of his mouth after went in one ear and right out the other...until he asked me if a wetsuit was a "cold weather biking suit". Thanks to those of you on FB who recommended amazing comebacks to that. I wish I had thought quicker. But see my first point.

 - I have a very skewed perception of "fun". I mean, it's gonna be in the high 20s, low 30s for this trail marathon on Saturday, and I am looking forward to it like a kid waiting for Santa. And now that I'm rested, I'm soooo looking forward to full fledged training. And getting back into the weight room.

 - I have an uncanny ability of letting people justcloseenough to me before I get completely and totally terrified and back away. Like. you. wouldn't. believe. AND I justify it. SO, any of you out there to whom I've done this, you're reading it now: it's not you. It's me. But, strangely, those who get past this hiccup tend to be monumental forces in my life. And then end up leaving my ass. (hence my instinct to flee first) ho hum.

 - I've got a dream. And I think I'm gonna go after it. Now. Ya know, that I'm 30 and I've got nothing else.


Mary IronMatron said...

That is one cute pup. I love him! And I don't even know him!
You go after that dream! go! :)

JP Severin said...

Clubber is a phenomenal name... However, you need to step your cereal consumption game up. A box a week is minor league. Great post!

RockStarTri said...

Everything starts with a dream, everything.

Matty O said...

Loved how all over the board you were with this post.

My wife does the same thing, I call them walls that she builds. I can't even get past them. Makes it very difficult to do pretty much anything when she is like that. Time heals all wounds :)

HAHA, how dare that guy say anything about your pup??? What an ass. I would have punched anyone in the face that doesn't like our dogs! At least don't say it to my face... ass.

Hope you do well this weekend, forced rest might have been just what the doctor ordered!

Christi said...

Good luck this weekend! And I love your puppy!

zencycle said...

There are certainly dogs that could qualify as 'chick dogs', but to say 'no man would tolerate it'? what a dick....

"Ya know, that I'm 30 and I've got nothing else."

'nothing else'? oh we need to go through this again?

(verification word is 'sphit'. Some sort of palin-esque conflation of 'spit' and 'shit'?)

Kim said...

i heart clubber - and i hate douchebags ;)

Judi said...

thanks for the shout out. i am pretty sure i was right about who i thought it was. not like it matters. people are a trip, as you know.

rest up after this 26.2 i am dragging you into the trails with me, ok?

The Iron Curtains said...

Amanda, glad to have you in my life again! Hope you rock it this weekend!

Thanks for commenting on the blog....Signifying Nothing yet lives, mostly revolving around Ashtanga these days. No telling when I might get the triathlon bug again. Meanwhile, I'll get my fixes through your blog.

Keep up the rockstar rants!