Tuesday, September 8, 2009


OK, so maybe you can't tell from these first couple pictures, but we really did have fun on vacation. It's just that this two year old doesn't like to smile for the camera. She prefers to be behind it. So, every time I'd say "smile and I'll take our picture", this is what I'd get.

There was just no complying. So, I just let her take pictures...and this is what we got.

I think she started to get tired there at the end, but really it's not too bad for a little tot.
Dad and I got into Galveston on Friday evening and went straight to see Marley devour the icing on a Dora cake for her second birthday. She LOVES Dora. And purses. Especially when they're big. and hold lots of stuff.
We also spent some time with the new little peanut. Actually, Saturday morning, he fell asleep on my chest. And then I fell asleep. So that was fun.
My brother and his family are late risers, so Dad and I walked down to the beach. This is a picture of all the people fishing off a jetty in the early morning. The fish were everywhere and the water was super clean. Apparently, the wind was coming in just right!
While we were out and about, we saw some remnants of Hurricane Ike that hadn't yet been cleared. Like this tree out in the ocean. Must've been washed over seawall during the storm.
There's this hotel that sits out over the water. You can see the top left corner was ripped off.
And the ramp to get out there was destroyed.
For the most part, they've really re-built quickly. You might even forget that just a year ago they were evactuating...and then you come across something, like an abandoned building or debris or a house that hasn't been restored. And you remember pretty quickly. Many of the trees that line the streets have died. No bright vibrant leaves, just bark and branches. Some have been strong enough to survive or blossom, but the salt water killed most.
Saturday afternoon was spent at the beach. And, admittedly, I ran home. I couldn't resist. It was only a half hour. It was hot. But it was my first run post-IM. And a half hour was about all my legs would take me. Then we were off for ribs and chicken!
Sunday morning was more beach walking. Only it wasn't as bright and sunny as Saturday. We saw this in the distance. And it quickly came inland. So, we headed back to the house.
That afternoon, we went to Alyssa's (my sister-in-law-to-be) parents house and played water volleyball in the pool. Somehow, my bro and I got beat by the dads?!? Like four games in a row! yeah, it was bad. And lots more food. Brisket and more ribs.
But hey, I was on vacation... and I still have one more easy week of training.

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