Wednesday, September 23, 2009

is it possible?

As seen on FB last night:
Amanda Lindsey just sucked at the TT.
   Sean____: I'm sure this morning had nothing to do with that :-) You'll get it next time.
   Edward______: What??? Are you finally admitting that you might be tired?

Edward would be my coach. This man has never commented on my status. To my knowledge, he never even checked it. But, of course, the night I complain, he sees it. And comments.

Sean is a fellow masters swimmer. He knows how kick ass our swim practice was that morning. I mean, warm-up was 10x50 with odds on :40 and evens on :50. Then another 900 on a pretty quick interval. And later we had 4x200 w/paddles on 2:45. And 3x100 all out.

Alas, swim practice doesn't usually leave me tired. And the time trial doesn't usually produce such poor results (it was horrible, but it was slower than I hoped. or expected. or wanted). And I rarely get nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. So maybe i am fatigued like coach says?

I was glad to sleep in (til 6:30), but by 4pm, I was thinking I might blow off this rest day and go for a run. But the universe tends to give you what you need...and i ended up having to work late. And just an extra hour of intense brain power left me drained of energy.

I came home to an email indicating we're taking it easy for the remainder of the week. And while this saddens me a tad, I trust my coach. So, here I sit, sleepy-time tea in hand, after having done laundry, dishes, vacuuming, grocery shopping, and NO swim/bike/run, willing to follow instruction. Mostly. :)

Signing off. Good night.


Judi said...

yay! rest! you deserve some NOW. enjoy.

Ironbolus said...

Sometimes your legs are smarter than your brains, and I think our coaches are always smarter than we are; would be nice if our mind didn't get in the way of training! Good job getting the rest in.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Sounds like rest will do some good, its been a long, fun season, and we are all tired, trying to muster enough for that last final race. Enjoy some time off

IronMatron said...

Funny, as I sat here reading this in my sweaty clothes, fresh from my stinking slow run--I was thinking, I'm cooked. I need some rest, too.
Rest is good. Even if rest sucks. You know what I mean. :)

Kim said...

take it easy sister :) you have been working your tail off. sit back, sip on a smoothie, and play with the pup :)