Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday night TT

So much fun! Just not so fast. Seems I forgot how to ride fast. I finished and I wasn't feeling like I wanted to puke. My legs weren't jello. I wasn't sucking wind...though I do think I caught a couple bugs in my throat.
And then I went for a run. And I clicked off two miles in about 14 mins. Ryan started out with me and I think he really wanted to hang (because after I told him he could slow down, he said "I'm going to keep up if it kills me". I may have started to push the pace at this point. *snicker*) but he turned around early...only to get back before me, making it look as though he were the faster of us.
Tonight I have some run speed work! Yahoo!!


Missy said...

Ryan got chicked! Hahahaha and to bail EARLY, cop out, cop out;) Way to kick his ass...I'm sure he's very nice.

IronMatron said...

Oh! Speed work! Run fast. ;)

KSIC said...

hahaha--RYAN didn't tell me you wooped up on him! Good on you!