Tuesday, October 13, 2009

whirlwind of a weekend

Wow! Friday morning started with a 90 min trainer ride and T-run, then work and errands and dinner...
Saturday, I volunteered at a Cyclocross race up in Middletown, OH for about six hours. I got to hang out with my friend, Holly...but by the time I got in my car to go home, I was beat. And still needed groceries. I stopped on my way home and ended up eating my salad bar salad in my car in the parking lot of Kroger. Seriously. I was in bed by 8:30.

And up again by 5am so I could get my two hour Have Mercy DVD trainer ride in. It occurred to me that the first 25 mins of hard riding is always the most difficult for me. I remember back to Musselman when I was hurtin' that first 10-15 miles. I just need to accept that it will hurt for a while, but I'll settle in, so not to fear the pain. I finished my indoor sweat fest and went out for my 20 min t-run. kept it nice and easy paced...and clicked off 7:30 miles.

And showered and packed up Clubber to go watch Judi race at the CX race. It was a great course! Very spectator friendly, though, in Judi's words "the hardest thing [she's] ever done!"

She also ended up very muddy.

From there, I went to watch the Bengals beat the Ravens with some friends. I'm trying my best to hang out with everyone before I leave. So many people have made this year possible and I want to say thanks any way I can. This led to an extremely busy Monday. Luckily, it was Columbus Day and I didn't have to work.

After my hour run, I met up with Tom and then met up with Mom and my niece, Kaylee (who wrote me the cutest little note, see below), and then had to find khakis (which I have to wear twice in a week...with the dreaded, non-feminine polo, for the annual Thanksgiving Day Race commercial and then again in Perth), then to the chiropractor and then to Walgreens. Who spends $85 on nothing of particular importance at Walgreens?!?)

And then, I tried on my suits, again, and got all giddy and goofy. And here it is for all the world to see.

And after a wonderful swim practice this morning, I'm off to pick up some pipe insulation so I can start packing my bike!


Anonymous said...

The note is so very sweet! Glad you are having fun. Very cool suit.

Judi said...

thanks for being a good friend. i am sorry your laptop is dead. he put a new hard drive in d's and it's working perfectly. he's a good guy. you look awesome in your suit. cannot wait for your race. just remember to pound it out like we do in the tt and once your legs settle in, they'll know what to do. :)

xxoo- judi

Court said...

Reading this post is as overwhelming as the weekend must have been! Your suit looks great. So do the wrist warmers. But probably not together. ;-)