Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chance favors the prepared mind

After Sunday's long ride, things have been very low-key. Monday was an easy day and after work, I was exhausted! I went home after work with nothing to do!! What? So, I did dishes. And vacuumed. And swept the kitchen floor. And cut up veggies. And then it was 6:30. So, I painted. I forced myself to stay awake until 8:30 so I wouldn't waake up in the middle of the night, sweating, tangled in the sheets, and looking at the clock and wondering how it could only be 10:30pm.

But Tuesday morning, I was kinda regretting not having gone to bed earlier. I went to swim practice...after warm-up, 6x450 where we alternated each 100 back/free, breast/free, IM/free. Um, yeah. Coach Aaron is out of town so he left us this set. And he must be insane. None of the lanes made the intervals. After about 2300, I had no juice left. I quietly exited the pool and went and sat in the therapy pool in the Women's locker room before going home to prepare for work.

See, if there's anything I've learned through IM training and being sick and having a suppressed immune system, it's that it is not always best to push through. This was one of those days. My body wasn't fully healed from being sick over the weekend and it was NOT imperative that I complete the swim set. Coach E had actually indicated a "30 min easy swim and 30 min easy run". I'd done more than 30 mins. And it wasn't exactly easy. And my ego wasn't bothered in the least. Partly because I was too exhausted to move, let alone care.

I sat for about 20 mins at home before I got the gumption to get ready for work...and then I sat at work all day and mentally prepped myself for the easy evening run.

By the time my run rolled around, I was totally ready. Despite the 87 degrees and humidity of bagillion%, I simply ran. I imagined how it would be that steamy on race day and how I would stop at each aid station for repreive in ice or sponges. I imagined running with ease. And then I went home and crashed on the floor.

I finished today's workout before work - a 90 min ride and 20 min run with HR targets - because tonight, I'm going to the ATP! Andy Roddick in all his sweaty hotness. Yum. And free food in the VIP tent. This is why I love taper. I finally get to socialize :)


Anonymous said...

Have lots of fun tonight!!

Missy said...

yay, you get to see your friends again. I'm sure they've missed you!

IronMatron said...

Only a little over a week!