Friday, August 14, 2009

I know that everything

know that everything,
know that everything,
everything's gonna be fine. (Blink 182, "Josie")

Wednesday brought with it some heat and humidity....and a tempo run. The middle 30 mins was to be at 10k race pace. Warm-up started easy. The tempo started just fine. With about a mile left in the tempo, I started to feel a tad overheated. It was only 87 degrees. but the 90% humidity was killing me. And the ball cap I decided to wear wasn't helping. It trapped the heat in my head. And I got a little light-headed. But as soon as I thought I may not be able to handle it any longer, the 30 mins was up!! And I headed into cool-down.

And for a quick cold rinse before packing up Clubber to go play with the cat while I spent some time with mom.

Thursday morning was another early swim practice. 3400. after warm-up, 7x200, 7x150 and 7x100 with each in the set getting progressively faster. I was the only one in my lane to make all the intervals.

And after a long day at work, my BFF from high school, Lauren, came over so we could go to the Blink show! She’s all grown up and settled down with a family and I just play. I live in a bachelor(ette?) pad. There are two bikes in my living room, tri shorts hanging from door knobs, sports bras scattered on the floor, running shoes piled in the closet, water bottles littered on counter tops, training articles splayed on the table, my foam roller on the floor... I think she was a tad horrified at the sight.

But, off we went to the show...and we had so much fun catching up and laughing and getting hit on by 19 year old hipsters (who, when we told them how old we were, stated that they weren't going to speak to us anymore...but that at least when we're 40 we'll look like we're 30).

Yeah, at least we look young. ha ha!

This morning I awoke and realized that the lethargy I've been feeling this week isn't something I should accept as typical in my body. It's more likely my immunity being broken down...and that brings on illness...

But, the thing is, i know that everything's gonna be fine. I just need some rest. At this point, my success in the race isn't determined by puting in a few more hours...

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Anonymous said...

Great job in the pool with all those intervals. I have all my sports bras, shorts, shirts scattered all over my bathroom and tons of sneakers piled in the closet. As long as I keep the mess confined to my bathroom it's all good! Luckily, Matt has learned to deal with it too.