Thursday, August 6, 2009

ok, soo....

The first part of the day flew by! Then, I went home just before 1 to walk Clubber...and it's sooooo gorgeous outside, like 80 and no humidity, clear blue skies. I just wanted to take the bike out then!

Alas, I had to return to work. And now, the clock is stagnant.

Seriously, I can't even find anything interesting to read on the Internet. I just want to go home and start my brick!

It did begin to clear up Tuesday evening upon leaving work, but I already had my mind set on the trainer, so I plopped my road bike on there and went to a 40 min TT. The 35 min warm-up was hellish because my legs were busted, but it got better. By the time I got off that thing, my legs felt great! How does that happen?

I woke up Wed morning to a fab tempo run. I extended both the warm-up and the tempo portion by 5 mins. I needed to keep my evening open becaus ei had plans to hang with mom. I got to see Kaylee and Clubber got to play with the cat and a little neighbor dog, which was lots of fun!

I fell asleep quick last night and when my alarm sounded, I was very confused! I didn't know the day or why I had to get up. I hadn't woken the entire night, which is totally rare, so I'm guessing I really needed that sleep.

And swim practice was fun!!! You know you're in trouble when Coach says "this set is...well, it's not that bad". Right! After our warm-up, which was only 500 today, we put on pull gear for :
2x{4x225 on 3:30, 4x25 sprint on :30}
The key was that the first round through was with paddles. The second round, was just swim. I felt better on 225 #7 than on #2. Then we did some silly stuff with the kick boards. I can't even describe it. I was told I looked like a sea horse. I giggled the entire way.

OK, so like 15 more mins before I can leave here and go ride and run... I'm itching!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw it. I'm leaving now.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when there isn't anything interesting to read on the internet at work! Hope you had a great ride and run. By the way, your bike is so pretty!!

Missy said...

Sounds like a painful swim! I had to do some drills and tell coach not to jump in after me - not drowning, just look like it, thanks!