Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random thoughts.

Are tt bikes really faster than road bikes? or is it just the power of the engine? What if I'm not faster on my new bike?

Do people EVER think before they act? or speak? Sheesh.

What does Clubber do during the day when I'm not here? Does she get mad at me when I leave to go train right after I get home and walk her? Does she ever get her feelings hurt hoping I'd spend more time with her? Do dogs even have feelings?

Are humans meant to be monogomous? Or is it just men that have trouble with this?

Will I ever go on another date worthy of a second? Or will I talk myself out of everyone that may be? Will I really be alone until I'm 50 like that therapist tried to tell me when we were getting divorced?

I really can be a clingy bitch sometimes. And I can nag with the best of them. But I really do mean well. It's just not until later that you see that. And it's too late when you finally come to appreciate it. I guess I should be grateful you have any appreciation at all. No, really, appreciation isn't enough at this point. You fucked me up.

I miss the days of living with mom and Kaylee and rockin' out to karaoke in the living room. Three generations of women giggling like crazy at some poorly rendered version of "Kryptonite".

Wow. One last week of big training before taper for IMKY. Am I ready for this? I hope I have a long run and a long ride this week.

I need to book my flight to Australia. And apply for a visa. And get my tags renewed for my vehicle. Shit.

Why does love always feel like a battlefield? Does Jordin Sparks sing that song? I don't even like it. It just gets stuck in my head, kinda like yesterday when E started singing the Moore's Nautilus theme song from back in the 90s and that's all I could think when i was riding. That, and Coach is crazy thinking I can ride with him when he hammers...

Seriously. ADD?

Why did I just eat all those pita chips? They weren't even that good.

I can't wait to swim again.

I can't believe the weekend is over already. Ugh. It was a good one though. Jam packed. Good stuff to look forward to: Mon- new bike!!, Tues - TT, Wed - speed run, Thurs -'s almost Fri..., Fri- jeans at work and a run...

I'm sleepy. And I have clean sheets. Sweet!


Anonymous said...

I too wonder what our dog does all day. I mean he can't sleep the whole time, can he? Anyway, can't wait to read all about the new bike!

Mary Sunshine said...

OH NO!! Amanda is getting a new bike!!! ;-)

Damn good motivation to get me to stick to my diet!

You know I love you and am actually really happy that you are getting a new bike. You work so hard and completely deserve the best possible gear.

THANKS so much for helping with the Pur Tour!!!

See ya Tues...shakin in my boots!

Kim said...

cracking up over your random thoughts :)

yay for new bike! cant wait to see the new purchase!