Monday, August 17, 2009

So long, farewell.... the long ass training days.

Hello to taper!!!

Friday was a great hour run with some speed intervals in the hot hot heat and early to bed. Despite feeling lethargic and feeling illness coming on, I had a great run. The best one I've had in a while.

Early Saturday morning, I was on my way to the lake for a long training day... or so I thought. I made it about 2800 in the water and could barely move. My mind was saying "Go, go, go!!!" And my body just said "NO!"

I spoke with coach and he sent me home to rest, indicating I could go out for a spin or easy run later in the day if I felt it. If not, don't push it.

After stopping at dad's on the way home and falling asleep in the bed of his truck while he worked on my car, I went home to rest more. After laundry and movies and lying around and grocery shopping, I decided to go out for a quick spin. I just wanted to get out and sweat! I considered going for a run as well, but decided it would be stupid to push through.

So I got loads of sleep and awoke Sunday morning to tag along with Judi for one last long ride before IMKY in two weeks. I wasn't sure if my body was going to let me go the whole 90 miles...
After 90 mins, I made the decision to just keep going. We were taking it easy and just chatting and enjoying the scenery.

At just over 40 miles, we caught the ferry and rode across to KY for the remainder of the ride...back toward home!

It was such a great ride. The 90 miles went by quickly. There was no drama. Just us girls out on the open road. And I can't think of a better way to go out...on a good note.


Anonymous said...

Two more weeks! Enjoy taper. Fun pictures.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

CINCY EXPRESS!!!!!! You guys really know how to have a tri team, not like the crap COTT team I belong to at here in Columbus. I wish they take a look on how you guys run your program.

LG said...

you girls look great!! it's gonna be a good 2 weeks for you!enjoy taper time!

Missy said...

Very exciting! You MUST find me at IMKY. I'll be posting my usual morning and swim costume soon. You won't miss me;)

Taper is gooood. Sleep lots.

Judi said...

hey - i thought it was a great way to go out too. thanks for riding w/ me!

Court said...

Hope you have a great race in Louisville in two weeks . . . good luck!

Kim said...

weeee how fun!!! enjoy these 2 weeks!