Wednesday, November 18, 2009

active recovery

I've had a rough week. just training wise. apparently, my body is still adjusting. as is my mind. the whole idea of off season is rest abd recuperation so as to get refreshed and ready for the next season.

problem: i'm not so good at rest. i try. really. i do.

after a longish moderate run on saturday and then a longish ride on sunday, i decided to take it easy on monday. this included running the mile + to the gym, lifting weights and running back. THEN walking the five miles to work. and later walking the five miles home from work. i loved every minute of it. i ran into friends i hadn't seen in ages! downtown is bumpin' between the hours of 8 and 5:30.

tuesday, i got up and went to masters. i felt very flat. i just didn't really want to be there. after a 900 warm-up, the main set of 14x150 started. aaron moved me to the fastest lane. but as i moaned, he let me do it all freestyle while the others had to alternate free and back. i still struggled. i'd lost my mojo. ZERO competitive edge. when i crawled out of the pool after just one of the 5x100 pulls (and yes, 3k...and practice wasn't yet over!) aaron just said "you're exhausted". Yup! and i'm not even gonna lie and pretend i'm not. it's been a long hard season. he suggested i just do nothing until monday; that i take up knitting or something because i obviously need a hobby. and then said he'd not see me thursday, but he would next tues.

i came home from work last night and made candied pecans. and oreo truffles. and i got 8 hours of sleep.

i woke up feeling refreshed. all day, i was anxious. it was 50 degrees and drizzling. this is my absolute FAVORITE running weather. judi did the track work we were going to do together. i was so jealous.

i allowed myself the fantasy that if i were still feeling good after work that i could go run.

i got home from work and immediately stripped my boots and dress and donned a fleece and my IMKY hat. I headed out. slowly. i crossed the bridge and went through the park along the river. i sang along with my new playlist. i saw a couple rabbits ahead. and i didn't even chase them down. i let the natural progression of my footstrikes catch and then pass them. each time i caught myself inching faster, i eased up. i was at such peace. i was smiling.

an hour later, i was stretching on my front steps, barely having broken a sweat. through all this training, i'd forgotten how to get back to basics and practice active recovery. there was no intensity. there is no need for a massage. or compression tights. it was just getting back to running for the love of running. no gut-burning, i want to shit myself intervals. no i must go out at a 7:30 pace and negative split.

it finally clicked. and i am so happy. my legs are going to come back like i asked if i keep luring them in  with these easy sessions :)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good, you needed this!!!

Judi said...

you so need to take saturday and do zero. nothing. and then sunday ride. you need ONE day w/o work and w/o a workout.

Colleen said...

Sounds like this was the perfect run, at the perfect time for you! :)

Marni said...

Enjoy your off-season!! You deserve it!