Monday, November 16, 2009

The good stuff

I always find it strange how we look so forward to something that seems as though it will never get here...and then it's over and gone before we know it. I try, every day, to be in the moment, to enjoy each day we're given, to make it all it can be. And some days, that means cramming a lot in. This weekend, that's just what I did!

Friday evening began with picking up my weekend guest from the airport (for his first ever visit to Cincinnati!) and taking him for dinner and drinks at Cock'n'Bull. They have ridiculously addictive fries. Seriously. I usually don't even order them because they're that good. But, I knew we were going for a good hilly run in the morning, so I indulged. some.

Saturday morning began innocently enough. I thought we'd go for an easy hour run through Eden park so I could show him some sights and check out the views from atop the hill. This easy run ended up being rather moderate. And longer than expected. But we did stop to swing and race up a hill side (i got beat). It was just so gorgeous outside! Sunny and mid-60s. I didn't want the ru nto end. Until it did. And when it did. I just said "ok. i need a break" in one from training...

I made some brunch and after a quick shower and viewing pictures and talking, it was time for a stop in at my niece's 10th birthday party. And then back home for a walk down to Hofbrauhaus for the Cincy Express post season party...

I got to catch up with some friends and laugh over gargantuan beer. But we did call it an early night because there was a ride to be had Sunday morning with Judi. And my TT bike was still packed away. Good thing there was a Team USA bike mechanic in the house!

It was 49 degrees at 9:15am, which meant it would be warming up quite nicely...but down by the river at 50 degrees is still quite chilly. So the layers were in effect. 

Chad (bike mechanic) and I rode the 9 miles to Judi's where we were already stripping clothes. From there, Judi led us on an urban ride. And when I say "urban", we got a glimpse of all parts of the city, from the west side, to downtown and Over the Rhine (where a lot of drugs and crime occur), to the area near University of Cincinnati, to the parts of town inhabited by old money and the up and coming yuppies. We stopped at the infamous "Mushroom house" that was once inhabited by a design professor at UC to snap some pics.

We finally ended up at Dilly Deli, where Dominic works and had coffee awaiting us!

From there, we dropped down toward the regional airport and nearly got hit by a truck (which made Judi speed up and go after him...) and then to Eastern Avenue for a ride along the river back into town.

It ended up getting up to around 70 degrees. And it was sunny and beautiful. In the middle of November! Not that I'm complaining... It's been amazing. The whole weekend was moment after moment of laughter and smiles and sunshine and running and riding, food and friends and family and fun.


RockstarTri said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm jealous: Saturday was a drizzly rain all day and Sunday cleared up only after my workout was already done. Today, back at work, and it is beautiful outside and I don't even know where to get a gargantuan beer. Oh well, it is November.

KSIC said...

I totally love your comment about the "up and coming yuppies" because that is exactly what they are.

Judi said...

I loved this post!! What a great weekend, and I am glad you can live in the moment. Life is GOOD. :)

Now, when is our track w/o? Thur? I can go Wed too.

Kim said...

that beer is bigger than your head! or your entire body! looks like you are thoroughly enjoying this off-season :) although judi is trying to get you to the track?! REST KIDDOS!