Sunday, November 8, 2009

you know it's off season when...

 - you get to sleep in 'til 7 am.
 - you actually have to wait in line at the grocery store because you go during 'normal' hours
 - but that grocery bill is nearly cut in half!
 - you actually have time to walk the dog...other than as part of cool down.
 - you only have to do one load of laundry a week.
 - you only take one shower a day.
 - you get home from work and don't know what to do with your evening.
 - you get a whole new library of music.
 - you have time to cook. and clean. and spend time with friends who don't constantly swim, bike, run.
 - you actually have to watch your caffiene intake because you're no longer so tired by 8pm that it doesn't matter.
 - you finally understand why people have cable.
 - you eat whatever you want for lunch without concern of how it will affect your evening run.
 - you actually meet your friends for happy hour.
 - you're still awake when the first number on the clock turns to double digits.
 - your stripey tan lines start to fade.
 - you haven't consumed flavored syrup from a pouch in weeks!
 - and you don't panic when you see you only have three left in the pantry.
 - like the remainder of the population, your spandex is reserved for special occasions.
 - your bike is still packed in the box from your last race.
 - you don't sleep in compression tights four days a week.
 - you finally turn that spare bedroom into a walk-in closet.
 - you go out to eat and actually have food to take home.
 - you get give back a little and help at races.
 - but you still get a little twinge of race envy...


LG said...

i love this list!

Judi said...

i have been living this for weeks now! i like the comment about the gels. i bought 5 today verses a case - LOL. i try NOT to use them. :)

Marni said...

Love it!