Friday, November 20, 2009


 - My best friend from high school turns 30 today. This is scary to me. I registered for Triple T the other day, and it said my age is 30. WTF!? I'm closer to 29 than 30. I know that come Jan 1, according to USAT, I am 30, but I still have some time. Shit, that's scary. I still wear arm warmers and hoodies and skip around like a little kid. I like to stop at the playground and swing when out for a long run. Just a number...whatever.

- Sometimes, the drama in my family gives me a headache. For real.

- Tri Diesel totally inspired me with his post today. I think I'm going to do Great Floridian again. It's not a Kona qualifier. And there's no huge prize, but it's a well run race. And it's in Florida. And it doesn't really interfere with any of my other races. It will put next year's season at the same length as this years.

- I went out for lunch with the intention of purchasing new trail shoes. Instead, I bought a pair of bad ass boots. and a pair of cute flats. for work. not for the trails.

- I have no plans for tonight. It's Friday at 5pm and I have not a thing to do. That excites me some.

- What causes nightmares? I'm thinking this is why I'm feeling so tired during the day. I get awoken by them. I did some research. One place said it's just stress. Another said i'm mentally ill. Rob tells me it's just that I don't have four hours on my bike each day to commiserate over the shit in my head so it comes out at night. I like his theory.

- Someone brought their two pugs into work today. No less than seven coworkers tracked me down or called my desk to tell me. One was only 10 weeks old. It made me want another. I suppose this is what moms feel when they hold a baby again?

- Running trails with Brian tomorrow. Then coffee with Tom. Then Lauren's 30th party. Riding with Judi Sunday. oh How I love the weekend.

- But at least when I go to work on Monday, I'll be sportin' jeans. Yes, at a bank's corporate offices. Through the end of the year. It's the little things.

- I weighed myself at the gym yesterday. I rarely do this. Partly because I know when I'm packing on or losing weight. I know I've been eating what i want. I know I'm gaining a spare tire. and it's not the kind I carry on the back of my bike. But the number made it very clear that it's time for some off-season shedding.

- I have some super duper friends.


Missy said...

Uh, it's Friday nite and I'm here reading what YOU wrote because I KNOW how to party. Oh well, just me, a little run and some painting...the walls not anything fun.

Believe me, I understand your pain. I'm knocking on 40 and constantly wonder who the old lady in the mirror is looking back at me. Sucks...

zencycle said...

well, it's saturday night @ 11:45 for me, and I'm commenting on lame is that? oh, missy?, just wait until you realize that the 50+ category is closer than the 40+ category.....
gawd I feel so FUCKING old.....

Mary IronMatron said...

Have you tried melatonin for the sleep? I find it works really well. You need to get the kind that also has B vitamins. It may help you sleep more soundly...

I remember turning 30. It did feel strange. I think a NEW decade always feels that way. Didn't turning 20 feel that way too? And certainly turning 40 inspired a major crisis in me (because there is so much age baggage associated with that number.) And anyway, it is still in the distance for you (turning 30) even though USAT doesn't think so!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I feel your pain, I jumped an age group, even though I wont ever race at that age this season, sucks.

- I dont know how I bring out the inner crazy in people, knock on wood, I havent been yelled at for it either yet.

- Ahh, banking corporate offices, the little things count cuz they dont pay us squat.