Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No joke

The winter wonderland has continued. I awoke at 4:30 am to an additional three inches of snow blanketing my car. And the roads. And the walkways. This means a few things. 1) Clubber will not go potty outside. 2) There will be massive accidents on the roads - allow for extra time to get anywhere. 3) The city will damn-near shut down. And we'll get out of work early.

And so far, the first two of those things has occurred. For some reason, today, the city is still in motion. The first time it would have been justified that they shut down, we're all working. Like, full days. Kinda. I mean, half the people didn't show to the office today, but those of us that did, I think we're stuck here for the long haul. But the snow hasn't yet stopped. I'm wearing a little school girl skirt, tights and hiking boots. It's a good look. If you're 12.

Since I was able to make it out to swim practice this morning, which requires a trek on the highway, across the river, etc., it was only right that I come into work. Swim practice didn't disappoint either. It wasn't a ton of yardage (~3k) because we did some non-free stuff to start, but seriously, 8x200 on 3:00 with 10-15 sec rest is no joke.

Aaron only stuck me in that lane because he said he wanted to see me "go after it a little more". Right. What about what I want? Whatever. I survived. And I made all the sets, though those last two only had 3-5 sec rest.

And my legs were only a little achey and oxygen-deprived feeling today. I spun them out and then attempted to roll the knots out of my quads on the foam roller last night. Um, ouch. It was all I could do to BREATHE while attempting the roll. I guess it was all the jumping over logs and scaling the sides of mountains and sliding down hillsides that left my legs so trashed. Because I haven't felt like this since post-IM.

Tonight, trainer ride! If I ever make it home. It's funny because people who always get snow think it's no big deal to get 8 inches of snow. Difference between Cincinnati and Denver? They're prepared for snowfall. Removal and salt and plows and all the things that are required to NOT induce panic among the citizens are built into the budget. Not so much here. We got snow on Friday and aparently, that took out seven of our plows. Seriously. SEVEN of them broke down! That's, like, half our fleet.

OK, was I just whining? I just got a call that we're leaving at noon. Later peeps! I'm going to get on the trainer


Mike Russell said...

My favorite people on the road during a storm are the people who don't slow down at all. I drive a four-wheel drive, and I promise it will not help me stop any sooner than someone else. The best thing people can do is SLOW DOWN!

Good luck on that trainer ride. Imagine, you could be outside running in the snow (oops).

zencycle said...

"I'm wearing a little school girl skirt, tights and hiking boots. It's a good look. If you're 12."

or if you're a 47 year old pervert.

(Hey, I have no desire to see 12 year old girls in skirts, but c'mon, Pauly Perrette just _works_)

Morgan said...

Would love to see that look! LOL!

Hopefully you will get out before you're snowed in. I can't believe how much snow ya'll are getting up there!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I feel it too, but my job doesnt shut down, sigh, I am not looking forward to going home, its already a level 2 and doesnt look like its gonna ease anytime soon.

Jen said...

I live in Maryland. We got 3 feet over the weekend and are getting 10-12 more tonight. UGH! No running outside for me.

Mary IronMatron said...

You know what I'm stuck on? I so don't know the rest of the country... I thought Cincinnati was a city that got a ton of snow, but then I looked at a map and realized you are really further south than I had thought.
I live a sheltered life. We aren't prepared like Denver--or well. Yes we are. Eight inches is fun, but you should see our fleets of snowplows. Par for the course round here.

Charisa said...

I know everyone out east isn't a big fan of the snow. I am kind of jealous though - a snow day sounds fun :)

Missy said...

8x200 on 3:00...yep, might kill me!

Yeah, you guys are getting some kind of snow, sheesh. I was just bitching about the cold and wind.

Carolina John said...

i'm stuck on 8 x 200 on 3 min. wow, that is flying. that's missy speed.

Melissa said...

Here in Mass. we only got 2-4 inches but they were calling for 8-16. They called off schools the day before so everyone was home just waiting for the snow that never came!