Monday, February 22, 2010

On training, friends, good intentions, hunger and random run-ins.

Girl Scout cookies are in. And I seem to have a tape worm. It might be the training though.

Cause it's in full effect.

I wish I'd remembered to take my camera for any of the adventures of the weekend, but well, i failed at that. Big time. I didn't even get phone camera shots. Excpet of me on the trainer. And that's not very exciting.

I opted out of the Frosty 14. A foot of snow on technical trails an hour from home in 30 degree weather just didn't get me too revved up. (Judi did it though and won hardware - Way to go, girl!) Instead, I headed out on the roads with a new playlist on my iPod and my water bottle in need of hills.

I headed across the bridge, into Ohio, and up through the ghetto and into some nicer areas. And that's where I got lost. But I was so so thrilled to be out on this long run and feeling good that I didn't really mind. Finished with 17 miles at sub-8 pace and a goofy smile spattered across my face.

A quick shower and a drive up to hang with friends, training buddies, teammates and fellow triathletes at the Wheelie Fun sale. Tried on a bunch of sponsorship gear and got the final design for our team kits for road racing. Tri suits are yet to come.

And then home to spin for a bit before meeting a friend for some 9-ball, nachos and a beer or two. Crazy. I was out 'til 10. Way past my bed time.

Sunday, it was like 45 degrees. So a few of us celebrated with a 60 mile ride. It was fabulous. Lots of hills. Lots of lactic acid.

Today, I was supposed to meet my buddy for an early morning swim. But I just couldn't drag my ass out of bed at 5am to meet him knowing I have to do it two more days this week for Masters. So, I went to the gym to lift and swim at lunch. I ran into the s.o. of (one of) my ex's best friend. She went on about how great I look. I gained some sick satisfaction in knowing that the info will get back to him.

Hope your weekends were just as grand. I'll be back later with pictures. I've got to get the camera back into rotation.


Missy said...

It's always good when it gets back to them - yeah, she looked rockin! Eat shit dude;)

Nice long run...way to smoke my ass.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Mmm...girl scout cookies! They are so evil just can't eat 2 of them and before you know it half the box is gone! :)

Congrats on your long run and great bike ride! I have yet to be able to ride outside. I'm so jealous!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You on a new racing team?

Kim said...

A, you are knocking the shit out of your workouts! you deserve every box of those delicious samoas :)

Red Bike said...

Tapeworms and cookies, what a great combi!

Think I will stick to cake and weight gain for now though.

Morgan said...

I told my boyfriend that when I get into town next week he better greet me with girl scout cookies or else! LOL!

Isn't if funny how 10pm is like uber past your bed time? Mine too!

Gotta love when your hotness is spread out through the grapevine... rock that hot bod girl!

Carolina John said...

Right on girl! hitting the sunny day with a nice ride makes all this cold weather seem worth it. good job.

Ange said...

I can't believe I just now found your blog. where have I been??? Awesome run..17 mi at sub 8 pace? damn girl. I LOVE your last struck me. I have those days/hours/weeks...when I question..why? who am I kidding? LIke you said-it's because we can. If we can't, we realize we need to. It's part of us. Keep up the hard work and go have a girl scout cookie! ( I tried not to buy any but realized my kids would kill me..)

Bill said...

Wow! Nice run. As for the Girl Scout Cookies, I must stay away. I'm a recovering Girl Scout Cookie-holic. I can't eat just a couple. Don't even get me stated about the thin mints.