Friday, February 12, 2010

friday thoughts

 - why am I always having a good hair day on the days I need to hit the gym at lunch?
 - riding outside tomorrow. should be interesting. high of 28 degrees. will be testing new cold weather gear.
 - Splash'n'Dash on Sunday. I'm actually going to do it this time. 1000m indoor swim followed by 5k outdoor run. then more running with teammates.
 - will also be trying on new team unis.
 - speaking of which, Triple T tri top designs are out. they look tight. per usual.
 - looking at going some place warm soon. wait. even TX and Atlanta are getting dumped on with snow? f*^k!
 - thank you Lincoln and Washington for President's Day. and that I have a job at a bank. three day weekend in store!
 - the above is much more exciting to me than valentine's day, which is just another day. I guess I don't understand why we only show our love one day a year through obligatory flowers and candy.
 - not that flowers and candy aren't nice and yummy...
 - because the tulips sitting on my kitchen table are beautiful. and the chocolate covered strawberries were delicious.
 - the half hour on the treadmill at the gym just now seemed to take FOREVER. much longer than the 80 laps on the indoor track on Wednesday.
 - tomorrow will be the 5th and final day on the bike for the week.
 - and Sunday will be the 5th and final run. but only the 3rd and final swim.
 - perhaps I should get in the pool more?
 - I'm leaving early again today to kick off this 3-day weekend.
 - and I'll be hanging with an old high school friend. should be entertaining.
 - Oh, and Winter Olympics start this eve. I like the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the ride tomorrow, hope the cold weather gear holds up.

I don't get Valentine's Day eitehr, however chocolate covered strawberries are welcome anytime.

Have a great weekend.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

You're much braver than me to go on a ride when it's 20some degrees out! Brrrr!
Have a great 3 day weekend! :)

Morgan said...

No snow here! Come visit Florida! :) My couch is always open for a blogger to crash on!

Have a great Valentines Weekend and enjoy the extra day off!

Judi said...

wash that bike off well when you get home!

Mike Russell said...

I am headed out for a ride on Monday, but the high here will be around 40 degrees. And can a girl ever get enough flowers and candy?

Come now!

Melissa said...

28 degress on the bike? That's too cold!!! How did it go?

tri_al said...

ahaha totally agree with first point. good hair day = gym day :(