Monday, February 15, 2010

the hilarity of cold rides, a racing team, and MORE snow

As previously stated, there was a plan to meet my buddy for an outside ride on Saturday, when high temps were to reach 28 degrees. We were supposed to meet at 10am. I got a text around 9 saying we should push it back to 10:30 to see if it warms up any. hahahaha. Like a half hour was going to make a difference. I was honestly questioning our sanity, and was thinking a 3 hour trainer ride would suffice. BUT, i told him that if he was going, I was along for the adventure.

After bundling up in two pair of tights, a nice warm cycling jacket, wool socks, shoe covers and thick gloves, we were off. The sun was shining and after a half hour, the cold wasn't that bad, surprisingly. As we're heading up the first (of very very many) hills, he tells me of the conversation between he and his wife that morning, which had me laughing so hard I could hardly catch my breath. He told her he was going out riding. She called him a retard. And he said "She's usually right, but she let's me do what I want."

Then came the debate about Cadbury cream eggs. I LOVE them. Seriously. I could eat like 10 of them. He recounts a tale of a conversation he'd had just nights before about how his friend has only one fault with his wife "she fucking love those things. they're like chocolate covered snot". the descriptions only got better from there.

After two hours, I started to get cold. And whiney. But we hammered out another hour. And then busted out our 30 min run.

I proceeded to go home, eat and nap. Which would be a theme for the weekend.

Sunday morning was the scheduled Splash 'n' Dash, a 1k swim indoors followed by a 5k run outside. Driving up to Kettering, my car read as low as 5 degrees. And it ended up on 11. Coach had started a bunch of smack talk between those of us on the team, specifically pitting us girls against the guys. The focus was on the swim. And I'm happy to report that I spanked all but coach (and fellow teammate, Missy, but she's unnaturally fast and i don't even consider her in competition in the water) in the pool.

Our team made a great showing.the 7 of us that showed took 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th and 16th overall. (there were no age group breakouts) We also got sample sizes for new unis! After an additional 40 min run, we gathered to discuss swim technique and drills to work on.

And then I headed home, where I ate and took another nap.

And then got up for an hour spin while finishing up Food, inc. before heading to the grocery....where I spurged on all organics. Seriously, WATCH the movie. I don't know how anyone could watch and not be affected.

Luckily, today is President's Day. No work. And no fighting snow covered streets. because we got another few inches overnight. UGH!!! And we're supposed to have a few more by end of day. And just after Clubber went potty outside twice yesterday...


Missy said...

LUCKY, enjoy your day in the bed:) They just shut down some of the interstates here, ice, ice baby, mmmm, I'm going to make it in some time today. Gross.

What a weekend of workouts. I don't go below 40 on a bike, OUCH.

RockStarTri said...

In the good ole days I could have been the Cool Hand Luke of Cadbury eggs. Great weekend.

Morgan said...

Enjoy your day off you crazy girl! I can't believe you went riding in weather like that! BRRRRRRR!!!

Corky said...

Can't EVEN believe we are getting MORE SNOW ! Don't know about you but it's getting kind of old .
I saw a dude riding yesterday and he had these cool hand shield thingies on his grips . Any idea what they where ?

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

You seriously are a rockstar for going on a bike ride in the cold. I'm getting cold just thinking about it...brrr!

Oh...and I LOVE cadburry eggs! My husband thinks they are just so disgusting. I look forward to Easter just so I can eat some cadburry eggs...ha ha!

TRI-james said...

I wear that much on a 40 degree ride. You rock!

Chloe said...

Ugh. I could not imagine riding in that cold weather! Nice.

Cadbury eggs gross me out. So I agree with your freind. Just thinking about what they are suppose to be. Raw eggs. Gross. :)

Food Inc is an excellent movie. I tend to avoid groud beef these days!

Carolina John said...

i too adore the cadbury creme eggs. a.dore.

Judi said...

what the hell? no pix? i got a balaclava for you for your next cold ride, ok?

Brett P said...

We got about 4" of snow in Atlanta and it damn near shut the city down.