Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bring on the lactic acid!

Ok, so after spending the majority of Tuesday in the car, I was a little stiff. And having trained some on Monday, I didn't mind taking the whole day off...but that made my tempo run on Wednesday a little painful.

I woke up to rain on Wednesday and decided to wait until after work to run thinking it may clear up. No luck. A long day at work and it was STILL raining outside. Usually, this is my favorite weather to run in - 65 and wet. Not today. I opted for the dreadmill at Urban. Yeah, seriously.

Started out with an easy 10 mins and then to the 30 mins in z4. Shit, dude. Doesn't he know I just raced?? I set it on 7:30 pace and while my HR wasn't in z4, my legs couldn't really move any faster. My quads were heavy and my hip flexors tight. I caught a couple glimpses of real focus, where I could hunker down and feel weightless and speedy, but most of it was just concentrating on the music pumping through on my iPod.

Then, on to ab work and some light weights...and stretching. YAY!

By the time I made the five min trek home, I thought I might start gnawing on my arm. I was so hungry!! So ate me some grub and as I walked the pup at 7:30, knew I wouldn't make it more than another hour before sleep kidnapped me.

And good thing! I got up for masters practice this morning and after 1200 warm-up (consisting of 4x{75drill, 75 build swim}), we did 4x100 all out. I went 1:16, 1:18 (totally flubbed a turn), 1:17, 1:17. And then to "work out the lactic acid" we did 10x50 cruise with fins on :50. No problem. Then 4x50 swim on the same interval. Still plenty of rest, but the arms were feeling jello-y by the time Coach called for cool-down.

Another long day in the office. And it's still raining. And I have a ride tonight that I SO do not want to do on the trainer. Rain, Rain, go away. Come again some other day...


Chloe said...

Dreadmill? Wow! Congrats. I think it would take a cat 4 hurricane to get me on one!!

D10 said...

Nice swim workout! Hope the rain held off for your ride.