Monday, July 13, 2009

Wind, Bees, Sweat and other random weekend adventures

Saturday morning, I roused out of bed eager to ride, despite the lack of sleep I'd gotten after attending the TdF party the night before. The forecast was calling for severe storms in early afternoon, so I headed out on my own. I hadn't been in such wind since the wind storm that occurred as the remnants of Hurricane Ike. I was being blown all over the road!

I was riding along in aero when a BIG black something with wings and I collided. It deflected off my glasses on must've gotten stuck right in the crease of my hip as I pedalled. I felt the sting and immediately pulled to the side to check for a stinger. No luck. Just a small red dot. I made it 29 years without having been stung...and this one got me good. I went ahead and rode for another few hours and retired after the wind got so bad and the sky was dark.

I went to dad's for dinner and then for an ice cream cone (with sprinkles!) from DQ.

Sunday morning, I went to the lake for an OWS. It was quiet and the water was like glass. I got in a couple miles and changed into my two piece for a little sun bathing. And that's when I saw them...

Two first time triathletes. They were swimming with their heads out of the water. They didn't make it more than 100 yards before resorting to double-armed back stroke. I watched for a while. I heard them discuss the distances of the bouys. They stayed in water where they could touch. I couldn't take it. I went back to the car for my Speedo and goggles and offered some assistance. I'm no coach, but I think I helped them a bit. By the time I left, they were swimming with their faces in the water. And they looked much smoother.

I was soooo sleepy by the time I got home. I had an 18 mile run to do, but I laid down on my bed while I was texting people...and before I knew it, It was 2:30p! I'd fallen asleep for two hours!

So, I dragged my butt up, filled my water bottle, grabbed some gel and went out the door. And it was hot. like, 91 degrees kinda hot. I went up into the ghetto and was nearly hit by a car before heading back to the park by the river to refill my water bottle. The water would turn warm within ten mins, but not getting dehydrated was so important, so drink I did.

When I got home, this is how my hip looked with the sting (notice the nice bike short tan line).

And this is the salt that was caked on my body from all the sweat. That would be my arm.

There were a few moments on that run where I just wasn't sure I was going to make it. I started out at too rapid a pace and I couldn't seem to keep my legs from churning. But each time the doubt set in, I concentrated on form and it seems the wind would pick up and cool me off a bit. I got through it safe and sound...and only a little thirsty.


D10 said...

Ouch! Great job. I think it was really nice of you to help out the first timers. I am sure you made their day and eased some OWS fears.

zencycle said...

"By the time I left, they were swimming with their faces in the water. And they looked much smoother."

You are genuinely a nice person.

Judi said...

i am so glad your bee sting is better. you know what's good for that? flour and water. but anyways. see you in a few at the TT!

Mary Sunshine said...

An exciting weekend! I hope the sting swelling has gone down. So many bugs this year...way more than last year, I think.

Great job holding the ladder for the newbies!! You should consider becoming a coach...I could definitely see that.

Ironbolus said...

Could have been worse, the bee could have become lunch; I really need to learn to ride with my mouth closed!