Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 1 - travel to Musselman

It started out as any other day. Just a lot earlier. Like 3:30 kinda early. But I went to bed at 6pm the night before, so it wasn't a problem. I loaded the rental car and, heartachingly left my little pup, and got on the road.
this is me driving. exciting, huh?

Then the real fun began. My phone battery was low. How? I'm not sure because I thought I had it plugged in all night. Well, I didn't really want to make the 8.5 hour trip to unknown territory alone without a phone, so I brought my car charger...only t o find that for some reason, it wouldn't work. Through deductive reasoning, I figured it was a fuse, so I stop and get out the manual and see what the hell I need to do. Long story short, I bought fuses, but the fuse puller was missing. The Pilot station manager saved the day with a flathead screwdriver and all was well in the world. And back on the road...
I mostly just jammed out, but there were a few moments in time when I really wished I had a voice recorder to record what was going on in my mind. Sometimes, it's scary up there. I had thoughts from my ex-husband to ex-boyfriend to racing, my trip to Belize at age 14, my grandma, my job, friends... it was all there, pretty much. I made a potty stop at this exit off I-90 that turned out to be an Indian Reservation.
Next stop? Niagara Falls! I'd never been before and it was only 20 miles out of the way, so I kinda planned it in. It was raining, so I didn't spend too much time there and after the $10 parking fee, I didn't feel the need to take a tour. Should've gotten souvenirs though.
After that, it really wasn't long before I arrived in Geneva. I checked into my hotel. Ok, motel. Ok, motor lodge. Gross. There's a jacuzzi in my room. It's next to the bed. There are mirrors all around it. I will get a picture before I leave.
Anyway, I dropped my things and went down toward the lake for a quick loosen run. This is where we will swim. The water looks choppy.
Then, I cleaned up and went exploring around town. This is a super cool college town on a lake. Lots of fun. I found the bike shop. I had a reuben at a little pub and came home for some I could get up today and do my little brick.

And now, I have to go find some food. And packet pick-up and maybe some arm warmers!


Chloe said...

Oh man - I would do anything to take a trip like that right now! Have fun!!! :)

~Jess~ said...

the falls look beaaaaautiful :)

keep up the hard work :)

Missy said...

Um and I heard you kicked ass at this race tooooooooo!!!! mmmm, how about that?