Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good stuff!

So, there have been some new developments since Sunday...

Training related, Tuesday morning in the pool was kinda brutal. It was distance work, which only means we'll have sprint work tomorrow. We did do 3200 in the hour though and that's difficult with a group of our size. Plus, we got to use paddles!!! But we had to kick :( I still suck.

Then Tuesday night, I went to the Cleves time trial after a week away. I was kinda missing it. I had debated whether or not to go, thought maybe i'd just ride on my own...but Coach put a 35 min TT on my schedule, so maybe he know I'd go anyway? So, I went.

And after a warm-up lap with super speedy Ryan....

I PR'd!! Only by 5 seconds, but still. It was like 22.4mph, which is fast for me. Especially with the wind that beating us. Especially with having ridden so long just two days before. And especially having gone in with no expectations.

And afterward, I was talked into letting loose my "adult" tendencies and joining the group to a little place after. And, admittedly, it was fun. Almost more fun than the actual TT.

And I woke up this morning and went for an easy 3 miles to loosen the legs a bit. (I almost always do this after the TT, even though not prescribed by coach.) I discovered I much prefer running in the rain as opposed to walking in it (as in, I walked Clubber just moments before my run).

And this is how wet and goofy I was after that run...

And then, to procrastinate work a bit, I checked email and FB and all...and Coach had sent an email to all of us that he trains (there are 5 of us - 2 female, 3 male. The other chick is SUPER fast). We're doing a team Oly tri on Sat. 3 on 3. Our team is made of Coach, me (the weakest cyclist) and the weakest runner... the other team is made up of the other female, who swam for Ohio State and who avgs over 22mps for 56 miles and the two guys that are slow swimmers but strong on the bike and run. Teams seem to be pretty even. Coach wouldn't present the opportunity if it weren't a challenge on us all. The rules: Swim is on your own. You must finish the bike together and the run is on your own. First team to have all three cross the line, wins.

Should be fun!

And then work for a few hours and....

Off for my bike fit! And i got a new Cervelo P2 today!!! I'm so excited. Race wheels are being ordered tomorrow. HA!!!

But, seriously, some things were discovered during that fit. My right leg is nice and smooth, left leg? not so much, but more power. And my right hip sits higher. One legged drills. Ugh.

Anyway, I got my bike!!

And then after work, I had an interval run. Legs felt VERY heavy after that fit earlier and not having a cool down, just lactic acid sitting in my quads. Regardless, it had rained off and on all day so it was humid. And this is how I looked after that. Pretty similar to the rainy run earlier in the day!

And, now, it's time for some compression tights and bed!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the tri this weekend is going to be lots of fun! Great job with all the running in the rain.

Kim said...

woohooo little lady, you are kicking your training's ASS!! good luck at the 3-3 tri this weekend!!