Wednesday, July 15, 2009


And that is why my training is so dear to me. I get through the work day so I can go play.

Yesterday, I got up and went to swim practice after a Benadryl-induced coma.

Warm-up then 9x50, 4x125 kick set pulled out the stop watch.

This only means a couple things...either we're doing time trials or as many __ as you can on __ in a certain time period. It was the latter.

The rules: 30 mins. 100s on 1:25. If you miss an interval, you sit it out. That is your rest. Goal: miss no more than two.

It started out great. My first few, I had 10 secs rest. That turned into 5 secs. After about 10x100, I missed the interval. By about two seconds. And right back in line. Another five. And I missed by a second. And then another three. That hurt. And then cool-down.

I took a two hour lunch at work, ran some errands, ate with a friend... and then I left an hour early so I could go let Clubber out and still get to Cleves for the time trial.

And as soon as I pulled up to the TT to meet Judi, I sent her a text saying it was stupid of either of us to do it with the weeks we had behind us and the races we have before us this weekend.

But we both did it. And neither of us PR'd. It was fun though. About half way through, my :30 guy caught me. He had a tt bike, disc wheels, a skin suit and aero helmet (compared to my road bike with aerobars, tri shorts and Bell helmet). Regardless, there's my rabbit!!! I passed him back. But not for long. I heard those wheels coming...and he passed me up again. This time for good. Oh well. It wasn't my best time, but also not my worst.

Now it's just time to get ready for Musselman this weekend!!! Looks to be beautiful weather - high of 71 and partly cloudy. Better be some fast run times.


Kim said...

i am so jealous you can take a 2 hour lunch. and im jealous you can swim 1:25/100s - more than once! :)

let's touch base to meet when we get up to lake geneva!!!

Shazza said...

The title of this post caught my eye this morning, cos I'm right there with you. Work sucks! The only thing that makes my job bearable is the lovely people I work with. I wish I had more time to train although I do take two hour lunchbreaks too sometimes.

Your training schedule is hardcore. Have fun this weekend!