Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

A month or two ago, I saw that there was going to be a race at Caesar Creek, where I sometimes train, ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! So, I signed up. Who doesn't want to race on their birthday???

It was so much fun! I have such amazing friends, training partners, and team.

It started raining at noon Saturday. Being that all I had was a 20 mile ride, I thought I'd try to even out the bike short/jersey tan line. Nature had different plans. So, I ran errands, cleaned, took a nap, visited with mom...and thankfully, the fireworks were kept to a minimum!

Then, I awoke to rain. Well, drizzle. But it was over by the time I arrived at CC. And the air temp was left nice and cool.

Judi and I arrived at the same time and went to packet pick-up, set up in TA, body marking (where Barry wrote "B-Day Girl" on my calf) and warm-up together. Before I knew it, dad was there and we were standing on the beach. Surprisingly, no real butterflies, just so ready to have a good time.

The swim was nice. Caught lots of guys ahead. It seemed a little long, but I think I was second woman out of the water. I've had trouble with the swim lately, just getting myself to do it. It's fine when I swim with otehrs, but going alone has been a bit problematic. Today, it was just fabulous. And on to T1...

...where I spent entirely too much time, but it was deserted! And there were sooo many bikes still there. This never happens to me, but whatever. Go with it, get the wetsuit off and the helmet and shoes on. And aother woman beat me out of transition. Crap. Oh well... dad tells me "you'll make up for it out there."

And off on the bike. Those TTs have really helped. I felt great. I think I passed as many guys as passed me. The only women I saw and passed were Oly Duathletes. It was a little windy out there and it took me a god 10-12 miles to warm up. Those first few, my glutes were totally seizing and I was fearful of what might be in store...but they just needed some warming up. Before long, we were just a couple miles from TA and then I knew I'd have some fun!

T2 was quick. Hung up the bike, off with te cletes and helmet, slipped on the Zoots and off to run. My legs were tight, so kept them under me. Quick turn-over. Crossed the first mile marker at 6:30. Oops. Maybe too fast? Just keep going. Don't panic. It doesn't hurt yet. I missed mile marker 2. At mile marker 3, I was at 21:23. Nice. Shoot for 44 min 10k. My new goal. te next couple miles were uneventful. I cheered for the CE guys, the women... I did see the heavy breather behind me. I said something to him, he said he was usuing me for pacing. asked for it!! 1.7miles left and we started kicking. And he stayed right there! Nice work red shorts dude. Even to the finish.

All in all, it was a great time. those guys from CE had the announcer call out my birthday, they kept shouting "Happy Birthday" as I ran by. And Judi kept telling me to go catch those guys:) I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. Or better race conditions - 70 degrees and a little cloudy.

Overall, I finished 4th female and 1st in my AG. Judi medaled with 2nd in AG. We made our own little podium!

And then I went out for sushi with my best buddy! Does it get any better??


zencycle said...

Excellent result.
I'm about to do my first triathlon ever (, and I've done no swim training whatsoever, save a few laps in my 40' pool just to make sure I can do a crawl without sucking water in. the weather up here hasn't exactly been conducive to swimming.

Also, I've done exactly one time trial this year, and not even on my TT bike, but on my fixed gear.

should be interesting....

oh, and happy fucking birthday....

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY A! and a huge congratulations to an amazing birthday race!

LG said...

What a great birthday present to yourself!! Happy birthday!! Nice job!

IronMatron said...

yahoo! Happy Bday and Happy podium! Loved the RR. Congrats.
Glad it was a good one.

KSIC said...

Happy birthday and congrats! I was cracking up at your comment at the first mile split of your run portion... Oops! Happens to everyone (and was usually my same thought when I used to race the mile in high school). You are official inspiration to getting back to as fast as I used to be.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job on your birthday!! That's some CRAZY GOOD running you have left in you after all that!!

Congrats on your finish and place!!

Judi said...

amanda, you rock. :) i am so glad it was a good day. you deserved it.