Thursday, July 2, 2009

what's supposed to be

"It turns out that what you think shouldn't have happened SHOULD have happened because it did and no thinking in the world can change it. This doesn't mean that you condone or approve it; but when these things happen, how can it be healthy to mentally argue with them? When we argue with reality, we experience tension and frustration. We feel out of balance. When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid and natural." - Dan Millman

I was having a bad day. Self-pity. Regret. Anger. Fear. Jealousy. I was telling Rob how I was supposed to be at the beach right now. Living, working, playing, training, racing. Away from the stifling heat and humidity of the midwest. Free from the job where I feel imprisoned.
He quite simply reminded me that if I were supposed to be there, I would be.
Sometimes I hate when he's right. But I appreciate he's a good enough friend to tell me when I'm wrong.

So, yeah. I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Training and racing with amazing people here in the midwest. In the heat (and this week, no humidity!!!). I have friends that show me the ropes at the weekly time trial. I have lakes to swim in. I have guys that will make me hammer on the bike. I have plenty of road races in which I can participate. I have a masters swim team with an abnormally great coach. I have lots of runner friendly roadways. I have girls to whom I can bitch and whine. I have a dad who comes to my races. I have lots of hills to climb. Truth is, I have it pretty good, right here...where I'm supposed to be.


Mary Sunshine said...

That's the Gratitude of Rockstar speaking!!! Love it! Looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

RyanT84 said...

What's this? An upbeat post? Holy cow! :)

Judi said...

great post. hope your day got better. have some cake and ice cream or something. :)

IronMatron said...

Oh! I remember! Way of the Peaceful Warrior... ?
Yes. It's supposed to be.
I guess......
At least you have sun. :)