Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gut check

Oh boy am I slacking on my posts...
Truthfully, it's because while my personal life is rife with excitement, I can't divulge it all publicly. Just yet.
And on the training front, it's pretty much same ol', same ol'. Lots of swim-bike-run. Except now it's taper time. The weekend held the last long bike and run before this weekend's epic Triple T. I'm very much looking forward to it.
I had a bit of a meltdown Sunday night when I got an email from my coach informing me I'm being handed off to another coach. A coach who is a very talented athlete (first amateur at Rev 3 Knoxville kinda talented). But a coach with whom I have not worked. Or trained. Or even conversed. I was feeling more than a little rejected. And deflated.
But I got over myself.
And decided to take the "this could be a great opportunity" and "it's all happening for a reason" attitude.
And, really, right now, I have far too much for which to be grateful. And too much to focus on with the race this weekend. No doubt it will be a total sufferfest.
And my partner is a badass. So, i have that to look forward to.


Kim said...

woooh i like when personal lives get exciting! :) i hear how you would be bummed about being told you have a new coach, but with new coaches come new and exciting workouts! im sure you will rock it out with him!

Colleen said...

Enjoy the taper and looking forward to hearing how you guys kick major ass this weekend! :) Best of luck!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I know the feeling, I recently lost my coach because she wanted to go in a different direction, now I dont have one and feel dejected as well. At least yours gave you another coach.

D10 said...

I am sure the new coach will help bring some excitement to your workouts. Glad to hear things in your personal life are goign well!!

Jo said...

CanNOT believe a coach would think it was professionally acceptable to dump a client BY EMAIL. Does that not merit a phone call? Tchuh. *What is the world coming to etc...*

Keep rockin.