Thursday, May 27, 2010

More TTT pics and favorite race moments

There are several things about the weekend which I left out. First and foremost, the format of the race, which is as follows:
* Race #1 - Fri, 5pm - Super Sprint - 250m swim, 5 mile bike, 1 mile run - time trial start - no drafting!
* Race #2 - Sat, 7:30am -Olympic AM - 1500m swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.55 mile run - time trial start, no drafting!
* Race #3 - Sat, 3pm - Olympic PM - 24.8 mile bike, 1500m swmi, 6.55 mile run - teams MUST start and finish together - time trial start - Drafting allowed among each team ONLY!
* Race #4 - Sun, 7am - Half Iron - 1.2mile swim, 55.5 mile bike, 13.1 mile run - teams MUST start and finish together - time trial start - Drafting allowed among each team ONLY!

I was 1/2 of a coed team. We were competing for:
* 1st Place Coed Team - (2 $1500 WheelieFun Gift Card, 2 Hammer Nutrition Packages**)
* 2nd Place Coed Team - (2 Garmin Forerunners, 2 Transition Bags, 2 Hammer Nutrition Packages**)
* 3rd Place Coed Team - (2*wetsuits, 2 Hammer Nutrition Packages**)

I already have a sleeveless and a sleeved wetsuit. We weren't vying for third place.This is me and Scott G., my partner, during the last race.
We also had to wear these hideous jerseys for all four races. And the pockets were on each side (think love handle look when you have gels in said pockets), which did not lead to flattering pictures. And they were not exactly breatheable. And they held water. like. you. wouldn't. believe. Putting on a cold, wet, stinky, jersey first thing in the morning isn't the most pleasant of things.
I had so many friends doing this race. It's only 90 mins from Cincy, so lots of my teammates were out on the course, as well as my new coach, who told me he was "seeing God" as I cheered him on, running in the opposote direction. This is me and my buddy, Ackerman. We train together quite a bit. And I'm gonna miss the crap out of him now that we'll be on different training schedules.
The water was REALLY frickin' cold. I didn't wear a wetsuit for the Super Sprint on Friday since it was so short, but I was prepped to wear it Saturday. It rained (ie- electricity went out, tornado sirens were blaring, and the beach disappeared). I wasn't exactly prepped for the water to be even colder Saturday. Here I am chatting with my friend, Amy, and her partner before race #2. Nice bedhead.
Post race #2. Or #3? This is a redneck's ice bath.
And this is my timing chip stripper. He came for me every time, told me he likes legs after the first race. And after the last one, I was his "other girlfriend". Actually, he also fetched me a Coke and told my mom that he's from Wisconsin and that her "sister or daughter is the sweetest girl!" Yes, folks, I'm moving to WI!
This guy...well, just look.
I love running. Evidenced by the beaming smile.
I was registered for TTT last year, but got sick and couldn't compete. I've worked hard to get back to doing what I love. And to do it as best I can. Out on that run course, I had a few moments where I literally got chills when I heard people cheering for me. Sometimes, it all just feels really surreal. And my mom caught that moment just as the tears began to flow at the end of the race. Because I had something to gain here. I had some closure to attain.
I have the greatest parents. Mom and dad were both there. Mom captured me and dad having a moment.


Anonymous said...

Grat pictures!! The redneck ice bath is priceless!! Love the one of you and your dad, so sweet.

RockStarTri said...

I love the redneck ice bath term. I've done it, but never known what it was called. :)

Christi said...

I loe the pics! Thanks for sharing! And you have great parents. Nothing beats the support that parents can give.

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Wow...I was wondering what the distances were! I can't even imagine doing truly are a ROCK STAR!

I loved the pics...the ice bath one was hilarious and the one with your dad is just awesome!

zencycle said...

"Yes, folks, I'm moving to WI!"


Rockstar's Dad said...

Watching you compete and succeed, knowing how much time and work you put into training, and seeing how much you enjoy doing the swim-bike-run, is fun and motivating. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL, way to make a grown man choke up at the end there.

Too bad about tomorrow, I am hitting Newport Pizza after the race, pure your suggestion and have the address of the bike shop, though I shined up and lubed Mercy good last night, shold be ok. We will eventually cross paths somewhere. You doing any HFP Races this seasons besides the TTT?

Judi said...

HIDEOUS tri-suit. :)

Brett P said...

You're awesome, Amanda! What a great accomplishment.

Missy said...

Speedo Cowboy was one of my fav's? I love any guy that can pull off running in a teeny weeny speedo!

Mark said...

Awesome post.. love the report. I dig the ice bath. I took one this weekend sans wetsuit in the lake. Wow, that felt good!

As for the dude with the cowboy hat—there is something unmistakably Faris al Sultan about him, no?