Monday, May 10, 2010

My couch has a lovely imprint

Of my ass! because that's where it was planted all weekend.

Thursday morning, I wasn't really "feeling the water" at practice, but I busted my ass and made it through. By lunch time, I had this slight sore throat. It was just scratchy enough to be annoying. When lunch got pushed back to 1pm and I realized I only eaten a banana and some oatmeal and I wasn't woozy with low blood sugar (ie - i had no appetite! gasp!). If you know me, you know this last little morsel of information is critical. And should be cause for concern.

What did I do? Yeah, I tried to go ahead and train that evening. I took the P2 bike out for a spin. And my legs didn't have a whole lot of pick up, but I just pushed on through, feeling parched and as though I were sucking air into my lungs through a straw. And I got home, threw on my run shoes and set out for the half hour run, as scheduled.


Seriously. No pick-up-and-go. A measly 12 mins and I was collapsed on my living room floor.
I succumbed to being sick, though I tried really hard to defy the odds. I even got up and went to work. But after about four people told me I looked like death, and nodding off while attempting to type, I decided to call it a day.

Unfortunately, I was scheduled to go ride the TTT course with my race partner on Saturday, as I have yet to ride with him. And the race is less than two weeks away. (sigh). And, of course, Saturday morning, I really really wanted to go. I mean, I'd even set my stuff out to take the night before, like my mental fortitude was going to knock out this bug!

Alas, I did not go to Portsmouth. And it was a wise decision. Because I did allow my mind to talk my body into a run. That ended with black, coffee-rich vomit. And again, a heap on my living room floor.
That taught me a very valuable lesson: REST WHEN SICK!

I finally listened to my body for the remainder of the weekend...except for a quick trip down memory lane with an old college friend at Habanero's. Oh, the dumb things we did back in the day...

Some angel in the darkness brought me some much needed NyQuil, Vick's Vapo-Rub, Vitamin Water, the middle of a hazy sick fog Saturday night. And Clubber provided a great cuddling companion.
his morning, I awoke feeling spry again! And started the day with a great 8 mile hill run. But I'll be relaxing this evening.

Our little tri team put a hurtin' on at Rev 3 Knoxville Olympic, taking:
1st Male Ameteur - Coach Ed A
4th Male Amateur - Coach Eddy W
2nd Female Amateur - Missy K
4th Female 30-34 - Erika W
7th Male 35-39 - Kromer
10th Male 35-39 - Matt M (Squirrel)

AND...on Saturday, my girl (and teammate) Holly broke the women's 40k TT record with a 1:02.

I am with a fast group of people here...Congrats to all!


Mike Russell said...

As fast as your crew is, I expect some great numbers from the TT in a couple of weeks. Rest up and you will be ready!

Melissa said...

You are one stubborn sick person. Glad you are feeling better :)

Christi said...

I am sorry that you were sick! I hope that you are feeling better now!

Mark said...

Being sick sucks! Although... I have to admit, I can sit on my ass and do nothing with the best of them. It is a fine line for me of asking "how hard can I push it? Maybe I will feel better after a workout and a little sweat?"