Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I don't know if there's some hidden meaning behind those t-shirts...

...but, seriously, Life is Good!

It's one of those times when it feels like it's in fast forward because so much is going on and the days just seem to fly by. But I guess that's kinda how the holidays tend to get, right? I mean, one day you're passing out candy to trick-or-treaters and then suddenly, you look up and see Christmas trees and snow!

Unfortunately, I'm one of those very few people who had to work the day after Thanksgiving. Fortunately, it was only for three hours. And then I left for a weekend in Boulder....and if you haven't ever been, go straight to travelocity and book a flight NOW. But wait until after the holidays to visit because flight prices are exorbitant right now.

It's an outdoorsy person's dream come true. Hiking trails and bike paths. Sun. Moutntains. Fresh air. Trust me on this one. It's gorgeous.

Those three days passed oh so quickly, but involved a climb up Mount Sanitas, which overlooks the city, a ride into town to walk around Pearl street, an hour and a half run on the Mesa Trail, cheering at a cross race, good beer, nice people, and some relaxation.

I skipped swim practice yesterday morning and slept in. I walked into work to get some activity. And I wished I had remembered to bring my camera. There were so many sights to see. I passed by the big Christmas train display downtown, saw an elderly woman walking a dog and carrying another in swaddling clothes (no kidding). Plus, the moon was crazy big last night as I made the trek back home. I love walking through downtown with my iPod in my ears. Soon, it'll be too cold and wet to make the trip by foot, so I'm trying to take advantage of the nice days.

I got up and went for a swim this morning. I'd forgotten how great it can be to just swim. Judi had told me about it. But I've become so accustomed to hard sets with Masters practice that easy swimming alone with no intervals or sets seemed foreign. But it felt great.

So, yeah, all this activity the last week is my excuse for not writing. That, and I've had no good material. These are the frivolous thoughts I've had and some of what I get to look forward to...

 - There's a 10 mile trail race this Saturday that I'm SO looking forward to doing. I haven't run trails competitively since high school cross country.
 - I get to go be Judi's sherpa for her cross race on Sunday. In Louisville. It's pretty cool to watch instead of race all the time.
 - Can you really listen to Jay-Z without dancing along? or at least bobbing your head? or getting a swagga?
 - Why is there ever just one lonely shoe out in the middle of the road?
 - I want to do an Ultramarathon this year. Either the Leadville Silver Rush 50 Run or the Mohican 50 Mile. Problem is, Mohican is just a few weeks after TTT; Leadville has crazy altitude. Running is my true love though. And trail running is even better.
 - November was my month to slack on intake. Too much sugar all around. I'm making a better effort to watch what I eat. And no, I don't mean just seeing crap go down my gullet.
 - Nice job at IMCoz, Kim! Way to rock it out. Is it really your last? Somehow I doubt this.
 - Flight is booked to go back to Boulder for New Years. It will be a nice repreive after Christmas with the family. I love them, but it's a little overwhelming. And a lot of travel. I am looking forward to seeing them all though. Maybe I'll take my bike to IL.
 - I haven't been on the trainer since prepping for Worlds. I'm holding out until I have to get on that thing again.
 - I love witnessing someone talk about their passion. Can you really, truly even know someone without seeing this?

Ok, enough from me. Happy Hump Day!


GeorgiaSnail said...

swimming just to swim, walking to work, & doing a trail run! Nice to enjoy the finer points of life!

zencycle said...
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zencycle said...

And he didn't drag your ass up flagstaff mtn rd?

I spent a week out there in 2002. It was a business trip that I scheduled around the weekend of the boulder crit on saturday and the boulder roubaix road race on sunday. Both days I raced the masters open against guys like scott moniger and jim copeland (yes, there was asshanding all around).

I rode flagstaff mtn rd three times during that week. It goes up about 1000 feet in 3 miles. one day on the way down I outran (rode) a guy in an MG.

There's also a 4 star restaurant about halfway up. The food sucked but they had over 100 single malt scotches in their own menu. It's set right into the side of the mountain and looks out over the whole city, oooooooo romantic! (hint hint)

Judi said...

go for leadville. and can't wait till sunday! we'll have a fun, coffee yakking drive down there. can't wait!