Monday, December 7, 2009

First time for everything!

I won my very first race on Saturday. I've come in second in a lot of races. But this was my first win. 

It was a small field, just 174 runners. A 10 mile trail race at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs, OH. And it was cold. All of 22 degrees.

My feet were numb for the first three miles. That's pretty miserable when attempting to not kill yourself while running through rocks and ice... I'd opted to NOT warm up since I was told the first few miles are very technical. I figured I could use that as a warm-up. Plus, I wasn't willing to get rid of any layers any earlier than I had to.

I stayed with Coach and his daughter and a couple guys I train with for the first couple miles. Then we hit an opening after an uphill and I decided to take the opportunity to go ahead and move at a faster pace.

I saw a guy in blue ahead and focused on him. Pretty soon, there was a line of four of us with Blue Boy pacing us in the lead. The guy behind me sounded like he was about to lose a lung and I wanted to tell him to ease up, but who am I to tell some dude I don't know that his breathing was frightening me?

At a about the half way mark, we exited the woods and hit some grass where there was a picnic table with jugs of water and Gatorade. I opted for the Gatorade and went on my way...again behind Blue. But we'd picked up another runner. Another mile and I decided to make another move and pass the two guys in front of me. The new guy tagged along, but I dropped him pretty soon too.

There were volunteers out on the course at random spots and one yelled "Shoot it in. You're almost there". I figured this meant we had a mile or less. Um, wrong. I guess he was just trying to be nice. Or encouraging. But he was completely misleading. I kept seeing a woman ahead of me. Through the switchbacks, I'd catch a glimpse of her orange fleece. I just focused on my footing and not burning myself out.

A couple miles later, I was right on her tail as we came to a widening in the trail. I figured we had to be close to the finish, so I picked up the pace again and passed her just before we came out of the woods again and into the grass, about a half mile from the finish.

Finish time was 1:20:11. And when I crossed the line, they told me I was first female! I hadn't even known. I got a ribbon. And two cookies.

I dropped off Tom, who had joined me for the trek up to Dayton, went home and thawed out and watched Funny People with Clubber. Good movie. I laughed out loud a couple times. And it really made me think about some things. I was feeling pretty nauseas and figured it was just from the cold, so I took it easy the rest of the day and stayed warm so I could get up and go to Judi's cross race with her in the morning.

She picked me up at 6:30am and we headed down to Louisville. Again, very cold outside. I was happy to make the trip. And even happier it wasn't me racing this time. Sometimes, it's just really nice to be the one cheering and taking pictures.

Doesn't it even look cold?? EEk!

The course looked fun. And Judi did great! Check out her RR here.

After a long hot shower and warming up again upon arriving back home, the nausea set in again. And it was suggested that I treat myself to a day of rest. So that's what I did. And today we have snow!!! So, if I can kick the nausea, I'll be making the trip home in my tights and running shoes!


zencycle said...

Yo, rockstar......nice work

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have this gut feeling you might be pro someday

RockstarTri said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS....all the hard work is paying off!! Sorry you're not feeling well : (

Ironbolus said...

Awesome job! So if you hadn't won would you have still gotten the cookies???? 2 cookies at the finish line may be motivation for me to go faster!

Anonymous said...

Yay Amanda!

Mike Russell said...

Damn. Your report really gives good insight into the mental side of winning. I always wondered what the winners do after races -- they go home and watch movies!

Mary IronMatron said...

Congrats, Amanda!! That's awesome! And 1:20 for a trail run is an amazing time. Hope you're nausea goes away...

Judi said...

fast girl! do you know i am just now seeing this? for real? your posts aren't coming up under my "followers" anymore. wtf.

haha my word verification is 'excess'.