Thursday, May 21, 2009

New digs, fresh legs and the silver lining

Forgone race entry fees: $280
Medical and prescription co-pays: $1,234
Non-refundable deposit on summer beach house: $1,600
Getting out before the d-bag put me 6 feet under: PRICELESS


The lease on my current place is up at the end of the month and it just so happens that it's time for me to live alone. Without question. As noted above, I was supposed to be going to the beach for the summer, but that is no longer the case. I searched on Craigslist all morning Tuesday and found a perfect spot. Just so happens it was the first place I called. And it's amazing! Historic and full of character. Ten frikin' windows! Two bedrooms. A spacious lavatory. A mile to the gym. Blocks to the levee. And the landlord, well, she used to be a competitive cyclist!


I'm still resting and recovering. Coaches orders.
This weekend is the American Triple T. I'm registered. I won't be competing, but I will be attending. I will be cheering on my friends; the participating members of Cincy Express. A nice long weekend watching others suffer. I've never done this. And I quite look forward to it.

So, while resting, I've been spending some time in Hamilton, at my dad's. He's visiting my brother in Galveston, so it's quiet. It's peaceful up there. Half a mile to the river bank and a bike/run path. His yard is like a miniature zoo. There's a pond and birds and benches and cobblestone. I find it impossible to sit there and not feel God. Clubber is having a good time as well.

I went for a run along the river Monday evening. A woman pushing a stroller stopped me and asked how much I have to run to look this way. Ha! That was the nicest thing a stranger had said to me in a long time. My run was just ok. My legs were feeling a little sluggish. I was tired.

Wednesday morning, I awoke and went for a run along the same path. It was cool outside. It was different so early in the morning. Only a few walkers. The path winds through a park, a wildlife observatory area, an old field, woods, and ends at another park. My legs were churning beneath me. They were on auto-pilot, moving without effort on my part. I finished 11 miles in just under 85 minutes. I felt strong again. And all I wanted to do was lie down for a nap, but work was calling. And so I went.

And today is a new day. And there is always a silver lining. As a good friend of mine always says, "Hey, it could be worse. You could be on fire."


Mary Sunshine said...

Love your last two posts.

Wishing you continued recovery, grace and blessings!!

And a kiss on the top of the head to Clubber,


LG said...

yes, you could be on fire. i will remember that. that puts it in perspective heehee.

Judi said...

hey girl, catching up on the blogs. yours seems fine, mine is not. :( but i digress. you are going to be so much happier when you get to your new place. i am totally psyched for you! and so glad you are free from the f-head too.

IronMatron said...

Congrats on the new pad! That's awesome!
It's true. You could be on fire. Good point.