Monday, June 29, 2009

What a weekend!

It wasn't the kind of weekend where I did anything spectacular, it was just the kind where I felt like I got a lot accomplished...and I didn't ignore my pup!
Saturday morning I got up EARLY to get to Caesar Creek for a long training day. No wet suit for the hour swim...and the water was nasty. I mean, scum floating on the top, swim out to the furthest buoys to avoid and it still is stuck all on the inside of your suit after the swim kinda water. Even thinking about now is revolting. Nonetheless, we got the swim in.

Then came the bike. 56 miles in under three hours. After a week of pretty good training. My legs were feeling pretty um,...lethargic. Then came the real fun because we still had some time to put in. We dropped a couple people at the parking lot and headed back out. Just the fast guys. and me. Which of these is not like the other? Yeah. me.

The decided to hammer. Seriously. HAMMER! I didn't last ten minutes. I rode alone for the next hour and twenty minutes. Gladly.

I grubbed a bit on the way home. Yes, while driving down the highway. An apple, tuna, string cheese and baked lays. mmmm... And then home for a shower and a nap before meeting up with a friend for the evening. I was somewhat zombie like all night, but still had fun.

Sunday morning came quickly. Time for chores! Grocery, vaccum, dishes, laundry, clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, and fit in a two hour run somewhere.

While I was at the grocery, I got a text from Tom, on his way home from a swim at East Fork that morning. He stopped by and chatted as I diced some veggies for this killer bean and corn salsa I was craving...I now have a vat of it that I will have to try and disperse to some friends... It was good catching up with him, hearing about his training, sharing stories of mine.

Anyway, I started playing chef. I put a beef brisket in the crock pot and cut up veggies for fajitas after my run. I got everything accomplished on my list by 2pm...except that run. I'd decided to wait 24 hours after that bike since my legs were feeling kinda trashed. And I wanted to get out in the heat since IMKY is sure to be nasty.

Just before 5pm, I headed out the door with a gel, a bottle of water and my iPod. I just hit shuffle and amazingly, the song selection seemed perfect. I made sure to take a swig of water every five to ten minutes. I took my gel at an hour and filled my water bottle at the levee. I was feeling pretty good. I've found that mental preparation is key. For races and for workouts. I prepped myself to be out there runnig smoothly for an extended period of time. And that's how it went! Just like when I ran that 5k..I was prepared to make it hurt. Or the TT last week...I knew I just wanted to go hard the whole time. My mind can make or break a workout. or a race.

I came home to eat some fabulous steak fajitas and an early bedtime...which is where I'm headed now. Swim practice comes very early on Tuesday mornings.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work this weekend with the bike, swim, run cooking and cleaning! You are right, mental preparation is key.