Thursday, January 14, 2010

 - I'm getting back into training mode. I am regularly in bed by 9pm and waking just minutes before the alarm. Today it was 4:28. Alarm sounds at 4:30.
 - Masters practice consistently consists of at least 3200. Today, it was 3500. Main set was 10x200. Seriously. Aaron is loving the 200s and 250s these days. They just hurt. Particularly when they are pull. With very little rest.
 - And later I have a hill run. It's supposed to top out at 42 degrees today. I'm hoping it sticks til 5:30pm so I can wear shorts.
 - Trying to convince myself that I'm capable of doing Leadville Silver Rush 50 trail run. I'm terrified of the elevation issue. But Boulder would be doing the 50 mile mtb race the day before. So this could be fun :)
 - I was talking to Judi the other day. She said "This is gonna be a huge year!...for both of us. Seriously. It's gonna be so great!" And thinking about how she said it and what possibility lies in those words still gives me chills.
 - I have come to love getting on the trainer. I blame Spinervals. I look forward to them. Is that sick? Maybe ask me in a couple months whether I'm loving the trainer.
 - We do have an outdoor ride scheduled for this weekend. SOOO looking forward to this.
 - Like a few others have stated, I feel like I was fitter a year ago at this same time.
 - I'm not stressing it though. So many things were different. And I really like where I am right now. And regaining fitness and seeing little improvements.
 - I'm really grateful for the people in my life - my training partners, my family, my friends, and even the men that have shown (and continue to show) me what I don't want in a man.
 - If I could leave today and go to Haiti and help those people, I would. I hate seeing people suffer. And I may not be a doctor, but I could help somehow.


Missy said...

I'm with ya! Why does training mode equate to the schedule of a preschooler, I swear it. In bed BY 900, really, I'm usually asleep BY 900. I suck, I'm lame but the fitness is coming counts for something, right!?

Anonymous said...

Leadville looks crazy, but you can do it! Sounds like you are enjoying training and that is truly important.

Kim said...

um i was up at like 4am as well but working out in a different way :) hehehehehe!!!!

zencycle said...

Amanda wrote:
"- I'm really grateful for the people in my life....even men that have shown (and continue to show) me what I don't want in a man."


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Trainer love!!! Is that sick? Nope, but I hace always admitted I am one of the few that love trainer sessions.

Judi said...

we are both just sick. :) and batshit crazy girl.

so you have 5 comments for todays post and i have zero. i am lame.

p.s. it IS gonna be a good year! WOOOOOOOOOOT!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

I'm just getting back into training mode too and realizing I need to start getting up at 4:30A to get my swims done! I haven't really swam since my HIM in I'm not looking forward to sucking wind after 50m! I'm so jealous of your swimming fitness! Hopefully I'll get there someday.
I love Spinervals too, but I can't say "I love" getting on the trainer. I'm hoping it will get better...and spring will come soon so I can ride outside again!

Ryan said...

Ultra running is for people with no skillz on a least that what I tell myself :-)

Carolina John said...

that masters swim looks insane. completely nuts. have a great weekend! i hope you get to ride outside. it's still going to be rainy and cold here.

Charisa said...

I'm in bed by 9 too - it rocks :)