Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good things come in threes...or something like that

Wednesday is the third day of the work week, so I guess Coach had this fun little game of sets of three to help represent. After my fun brick on Tuesday evening, I was looking forward to another swim.

I got up early and went to the pool before work, mentally prepping for the 3x1000s. The first one wasn't bad. I think it took me about 700m just to loosen up. Pretty soon, it was time for a respite before starting the next.

It was about 600 into the second set that I really started hating life. My back, shoulders, lats, arms were feeling the swims from Fri, Sat, Sun and Tues. I focused on keeping my elbows up and really puuuulling through the water. I have this problem - when I have a specific distance to do, whether it be in swimming, running, biking, climbing up a hill, and I know it's going to be painful, I just try to get it finished in the shortest time possible. So, I guess it wasn't too surprising that my second set was 13 seconds faster than my first.

And then the third one is why I have a coach. For times like these, when if I were simply answering to me, I'd likely be able to justify doing 2x500 with a min rest. I mean, it's the same distance, right? But that wasn't what was prescribed. So, I busted out the last 1000. A second faster than the second one. The possibility that my shoulders would simply seize up and allow me to drown in four feet of water seemed very real to me. It felt really good to have not quit when I wanted. It also felt good knowing I didn't have a swim scheduled for another two days!

Next up: 3x2 miles on the track. It was acheduled for noon with several people, none of whom I think were really thrilled at the prospect of doing such long repeats, if they had intentions of doing them at all? Anyway, we got rained out. Instead, I went home and took a 30 min power nap with Clubber, of course.

The track awaited me after work. I didn't know how tired my legs were until I set off for that warm-up. I had contemplated going to the gym for the treadmill, setting the pace at 8min miles (which was the assertively instructed pace. NO FASTER! No matter how good i feel) and mindlessly running. But I'd've missed most of the lesson - learning pacing and learning to focus in pain. Plus, it was humid as hell out there! And IMKY is sure to be the same. Ugh.

And, of course, I set out for that first 2 miler...a little too fast. First mile was 7:30...second slowed slightly for a 7:38 pace for the first set. 45 seconds rest. Just enough time to take a swig of water, remove the iPod, and turn around to go the other direction for the next one.

That same impulse hit me that struck when I was swimming that morning - Just hurry up and get the pain over. Second set was a 7:30 pace. Shit! SHit! Shit! And it hurt. Wtf? I can run faster than that on the road and not be in pain. It's sooo mental. For the last one, I did a couple laps on the track and then booked it home on the road to finish the full two miles. Again, very happy that was over...and 24 hours till the next workout.

So, after that torture, I thought it only fair to go celebrate by dancing the evening away with some friends and the Naked Karate Girls...

This is the drummer I'm totally crushing on...

What is it with me taking pictures of myself and having to have my mouth open?

Thank God for compression tights. After sleeping in them, I'm a brand new woman. And getting ready for this brick in a couple hours!


Kim said...

holy mother of workouts! nice job getting em done! 3x1000 at the pool following by a track workout does NOT sound like fun - however dancing and crushing on boys does!

Judi said...

you are crushing shit these days girl.

Shazza said...

3x1000m?? That is hardcore, your coach works you hard! Keep on rockin!

D10 said...

You are certainly going to be prepared for IMKY. Keep rocking the workouts. Hope you enjoy your 24 hours of rest.