Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some days, I'm just grateful for...

- frozen slices of overly ripe banana after a really hot run
- flying down the highway with my hand out the window, searching for my perfect "catch"
- being up before the sun rises
- a dad that loves the shit out of me - runs in which I cross all four bridges from N KY to Cincinnati
- sleepy time tea

- incense that takes me back to the ocean
- take-out sushi from Whole Foods
- pink sports bras
- the writings of Wally Lamb
- kids...and the fact that they aren't mine
- beating up on the guys at Masters practice
- raspberry cheeseake ice cream
- firing ranges
- having captured a rainbow on my cell phone camera
- a nice comfy bed of my own
- seeing friends at happy hour as I pass by on my run
- that my sickness is life-altering, not life threatening
- the lack of peanut butter, chocolate, bread and cereal (from this diet to ward off the sickness)has left me looking better in a bikini (vain, I know! sue me)

- the most AMAZING friends a girl could ask for
- not working...legitimately
- the lyrics to Billy Joel's "My Life"
- Rte 8 rides
- the color green!
- that stupid FB app that tells me daily that God wants me to know..."you are what you eat"
- text messages from mom
- gorgeous sunsets - ice cold diet 7up on a hot day
- swingsets

- watermelon bubble gum
- coming home to Clubber...even if she fights my kisses :)


Kim said...

i love your loves!!! esp the ones involving food :) you look great A and i love your attitude.

zencycle said...

This _was_ a nice post. Congrats on the results of your 'diet'.

Philippe said...

As kim said, you look great!
Looks like you took some time to think about life!

Anonymous said...

I think we all need to write down the things we are thankful for every now and then.

Rockstar's Dad said...

I'm not sure I' have put it quite so crudely, but yes you do own a big chunck of my heart. And...what are you doing showing so much skin on the Internet????

LG said...

love it all (well except for the air conditioning!) but i love that you love it.

alfie said...

Wow...I gotta get on that diet! :{)


Judi said...

LOL LOL your dad reads your blog!!