Thursday, June 4, 2009

Naked Karate Girls!

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people
that treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that
everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes
your life, let it. Nobody said it'd be easy, they just promised it would be
worth it.

I woke up this morning, not with regret, but ringing ears. Naked Karate Girls played last night. Fun band to watch. Also to watch is the drummer. he's nice. It was an overall hilarious time...which I needed.

I went to the pool at lunch to do my swim. 400 warm-up. 10x100 on 1:35 (and I held 1:21-1:23 on all!) then 4x400. Those 100s kept my mind busy. The 400s, my mind wandered. That's just dangerous right now. The shit just comes into my head and my chest seizes up and I can barely breathe. I've got to talk myself out of the thoughts. So, I finished 3k in just over 40 mins. or something like that.

I did absolutely nothing work related at work today. NOTHING. I checked out blogs, I researched people (creepy? eh...interesting), caught up with old friends, read my horoscope, sent text messages, emailed dad, work friends, training friends, etc.

So, 5pm and I hit the door. Took Clubber for a nice long walk down to the levee. Then I got on my cycling gear and headed out the door for my hour ride, where my life got ever stranger. I crossed the bridge into Cincy and the wind was full force against me. I passed a couple riding down Eastern. About 20 mins in, I pass the softball fields just as a ball is hit over the fence and into the road, so I pull over, unclip and proceed to get the ball for the guys. And I attempt throw it over the fence from across the street. I played softball growing up. I obviously underestimated my ability to retain such talent. It fell just short of the fence.... By this time, I'm so nervous, embarrased, anxious to get the hell out of there that I was afraid I'd slide on the asphalt getting across the street to, once again, retreive the ball. I was, however, successful on the second attempt.

Back on the bike. Another ten minutes to the turn around. Head back home. A few miles from the bridge back into KY, and a guy passes me. I hadn't even known he was there. I allow it to happen a first. I watch his pedal stroke. I realize that, regardless of his flashy gear and non-aerobarred bike, he's not really a great cyclist. His knees kinda cock outward. Nice cadence though. Strong legs. I charge and go after him. He keeps looking back. I think he could hear my aero bottle bounce each time I'd hit a bump.

When the road widened, I approached his side. We chatted a bit. He's training for his first HIM. Despite his roadie look, he's just another guy doing the same thing we all and have a good time doing it. We discuss race times a bit. He actually called me "Fast". Ha. And just before the bridge, it was his time to turn around. And my ride was nearly over. Negative split ride. Thanks to Ryan (unless he said Bryan?).

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Judi said...

great post. man, i can't believe you can swim a 3k in 40 minutes. you just go on with your bad self. but i am happy to say my 100's are ONLY 10 seconds slower than yours. :)