Friday, June 12, 2009

wet & stormy

That's the basic weather here right now. You could add "humid" or "moist" or any number of other adjectives, but wet and stormy pretty much say it all. It's dark and dreary...and I swear there must be tryptophan in the air cause all I want to do is hibernate.

Thursday morning, I was glad to sleep in and not have a workout scheduled for another 10 hours. By 3pm, I was more than ready to get out on the road, out from the flourescent lighting and from behind the computer desk (where I pretend to work and just cruise blogs all day).

An hour ride with power sprints and then a 36 min z2 run. Easy enough.

I saw my buddy, Ackerman, out near Lunken getting ready to ride with the guys from Seven Hills. It's always fun to see a familiar, smiling face, especially unexpectedly! Back home for the run...

It took about 3 miles to actually start feeling comfortable, like I could run for an extended period of time. By then, my water was also gone and I knew I was on the home stretch.

All in all, 19.5 bike miles, 5 run miles. And a very hungry belly!

After the protein shake, that, yes, I drank straight from the blender, I made a trip to the grocery. And then, I was so exhausted I was I put on my compression socks and went to bed.

Nine hours of sleep and only one wake-up to eat. And today, we're having a luau - basically a bunch of middle-aged bankers wearing Hawaiian shirts and parrot heads and plowing mass amounts of food - at work. In the rain.

And after work? A 2.5 hour ride. In the rain.

And then tomorrow, an open water swim and 4 hour ride. In the rain.

As Coach just said "It's on like Donkey Kong!" What does that even mean?!


Kim said...

HOT! (temperature/weather/picture!) sounds like a crapass weekend of weather, but you're strong and determined, you will have great workouts!

Judi said...

do you not remember donkey kong or are you too young? i love that saying. i am totally taking it.

is that guy really at your work? and are you indulging in the festivities? how can you be sleep with all THAT going on?

Court said...
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Philippe said...

Ridding in the rain is SO boring!
Good luck with the weather!
What protein drink do you use?

Anonymous said...

I end up reading blogs a lot during the work day too. Whenever a report is printing I am checking a blog out.

Hope the OWS and ride went well. Have a fun weekend.