Sunday, April 19, 2009

done and done

Yesterday was sunny and 78. Today, 56 and rainy. PERFECT running weather. I dragged my butt outta bed at 6am, did my business and drove to Tom's for a two hour run. I donned my sexy compression socks and we started out at a nice relaxed pace. Up the hill, and down to Covington, across the Suspension Bridge to downtown Cincy. Sunday mornings are quiet. Very little traffic. Not many people. The only sounds were our voices, catching up on life, our laughter and the rain falling on the streets. We turned up Gilbert, across Taft, down Reading, past the church where I was married 5 years ago. We passed a couple other runners and I spotted a some crazies out on bicycles a few miles ahead. We spoke of race strategy, irony in life, relationships, growth and hinderances. We crossed the Purple People Bridge and in front of the lifeless levee. As we headed up the hill back toward his home, Tom fell back. I slowed, told him to hang onto my back wheel. And there he stayed. Somehow, we always tend to come in at just the right time. An hour, 59 minutes and 22 seconds later, we were in front of his house, shoes wet, clothes sweat-drenched, but souls smiling. We pondered how it occurs that just the right pace, just a slight hesitation here or there, a water stop, a potty break, would've put us off time...but it worked out just right.

From there, I went to help the girls cook. I had dish duty. Listened to a man speak of living a life in turmoil, from the streets to prison and now living a full life. Amazing what we humans are capable of.

Then home to eat, shower, rest before the 2x1000 time trial swim. Recovery compression tights on and under the covers, Clubber cuddled so close. The alarm sounded too soon. It was time to hit the pool.

I gathered my suit, made the drive, changed in a daze, noted the warning sign on the pool door "Due to recent weather, the pool temperature is unseasonably warm, but SAFE. We are working on getting the temperature back down to 82-84 degrees."It was like a sauna. Warm water. I started the first 1000. Lap after lap after lap. 14:55. Not bad for no warm-up. 2 min rest. A teenage boy had come in and I noticed him splashing around as I swam. He noted aloud the difficulty of swimming, that he thought being in good basketball shape qualified him for good swim shape. I mumbled something about it being about technique before I pulled down the goggles and off for another 1000. It felt more difficult. I tried to focus on high elbows, a strong pull, legs together when kicking. 14:39. And out of the water.

Week one under Coach E...DONE! :)


LG said...

a great weekend of workouts!! don't you just love how no matter what, somehow, the workout magically ends at the finish point at the exact time it's supposed to? that happens to me too and I constantly remind myself, that "hey, i got that goin' for me!"

Kim said...

holy crap that is one hotass pool you swam in! great job with the workouts a!!