Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ahhh.... I can breathe!

Monday, I tried to get out for a swim. I completed a solid 2500, but I couldn't finish the entire prescribed 3300. I just had NOTHING left. I crawled out of the pool, drove home and crashed on my bed. Again. No shower, but I did eat dinner. And I read the article in Triathlete magazine about how we are so obsessed with our bodies. Ya think?

Tuesday morning I went out for my 30 min easy run. It was just hard to breathe! Running just isn't as fun when you suck at it.

I finally broke down and called the doctor. I HATE going to the doctor. It's not because I don't like needles or meds or because I have some crazy fear that I'll get horrible's because I hate being weighed. Yep. I do not like getting on that scale. I mean, is it really necessary? It produces anxiety and I can't even recall the last time my doctor actually prescribed me a med. Anyway, I went. The nurse weighed me, took my blood pressure. The doc came in, asked some questions, listened to me breathe and told me the same thing he always does "It's a virus. Nothing I can give you. Just gonna have to wait it out. You should be able to run by Sunday."

That's what I figured.

I went home and got on the trainer in front of the TV. I watched some stupidly rich kids flaunt their parents homes on MTV's Teen Cribs, a little bit about staph infection on Oprah, and parts of a documentary on some modern-day Bonnie & Clyde . This is exactly why I just don't watch TV. And hour later, my energy was gone. Completely. I walked Clubber to stretch my legs and spent some time talking with a few highly confused, self-sabotaging individuals. These talks brought me to wonder why it is that we're so afraid of success? Why do we create drama for ourselves?

To avoid drama myself and take advantage of the fact that I was sharing the apartment with no one, I went to bed at 8:30pm.

I woke up to do my swim this morning and felt pretty great...relatively. So, I headed to Mercy and jumped in...400 mixed strokes warm-up
3x (200 pull on 3:20, 4x50 on :55) I held ~3 on the pulls, :36-:39 on the 50s
800 free
200 mixed strokes cool-down

I made it through the whole thing feeling pretty good. Now it's almost 3pm and I feel as though I could fall asleep at my desk. I'm supposed to go see Avenue Q tonight and I'm listening to the music now. It's pretty great. I've got a quick run after work before I put on a dress and heels. I'll give the full report tomorrow...


IronMatron said...

Glad you're better. yeah!
I hear you about the being weighed. I insist on going to the bathroom like five times beforehand and I insist they weigh me in that little paper dress they give to you.

um. yeah. we are obsessed with our bodies.
and we're chicks.
and I grew up in the anorexic 80s.
It's sad.

LG said...

i weigh myself every morning...i have no idea why because the number means nothing to me...i go by how i feel, sometimes i feel fat and the scale says i weigh less, other times i think it's a thin day and nope, i weigh more...go figure. glad you are feeling better!