Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weeoooweeoooweee, like a cop car

Or an ambulance.

Went to the doc at noon today. She ordered a bunch of tests. I felt like crap, she could tell. I was in a lot of pain. She could tell that too.

Mom and I walked next door to the lab to have blood drawn. They made me wear a mask. I warned her I would pass out. Funny, lately my veins have been bulging. As soon as we get to the doc, it's like they ran for cover. She sticks the needle in my left arm...nothing. Moves to the right arm, takes two vials. I didn't look. I had my head leaned back against the wall. The tech kept asking me how I felt. She pulled the needle out, put on a bandage and I remember thinking that I'd made it through this one...without fainting!!!

Next thing i know, I feel a sqeezing sensation around my thigh, someone is telling me it's ok. Where am I? There are shoulders under my armpits. I'm gasping for air. Seriously, where am I? I hear mom's voice. I'm lifted out of the chair, but my legs are not mine. They're lifted from under me.

I hear nurses panic. I hear a call for a doc. I'm sweating. I can't catch my breath. I'm laid on the floor. I hear mom ask if seizing is normal when one passes out. I hear sirens. My arms and legs go tingly. Then my whole mouth and nose. My shoes are removed. I'm freezing. I'm wet. Someone's rubbing my feet, telling me to take deep breaths, wiggle my fingers and toes. Too much. I couldn't do all three at once.

"Are you pregnant? On medications? Allergies? Eppileptic? Ever had seizures before?"

No. No. None. No. No.

On the stretcher and down the elevator to the ambulance. Off to the ER.

They tell me they're going to take more blood. Tears come to my eyes. WTF?!?

THey didn't. And it turns out, I apparently just had some response to the blood being drawn. I was released after an EKG and other random shizzle...
Back home now and can barely type I'm so tired. So, I'm out. Nighty night.

Oh, and no Pig running for me Sunday. I will be on the sidelines cheering for Judi and Tom and Sandi, Squirrel, Mark, Quinn, Tim, Ackermann, and all my buddies I forgot!

**Update - Yes, I seized. That's why they called 911. EKG also revealed an enlarged heart. Does it ever end?!?***


IronMatron said...

oh, that sucks about the Pig! But OMG--that's f-ing scary! A reaction to blood being drawn? What does that mean? Did you seize?
Glad you're home! Hope you are getting some rest...

Kim said...

aw sweetie, you poor thing. im sorry to hear all this news. how scary! hope you are resting up and feeling better, and we are thinking about you!

Judi said...

amanda, if i see you out on the course i am gonna run the other direction. no offense sweetie but you really should stay home and not be out and about. xxoo- judi

Mary Sunshine said...



Can you get a second opinion, or three or four?

So sorry, Amanda, but I know you will figure this out.

Prayers and hugs for you.


LG said...

been thinking about you and hope you are resting up!!