Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Work sucks right now. Like, it really sucks. Everyone has a bad attitude. We're not making any money. Sales reps are whiney. Credit is complacent. We're all bored and tired. We watch the minutes tick by. Hard times have hit. And we're a bank.

Fortunately, I have training that keeps me busy! And it's always brought me far more joy than my actual occupation. So, days like today, when the atmosphere around the office is slightly more oppressive than inviting, I look forward to getting out for some nice hard track work!

Tom actually asked to join me this week. All he knew was that it was a 90 min session. And to meet me at the track behind the Domicillary.

I wore a dress to work today primarily because it's easier to change clothes while driving when it's just one piece you have to strip off. I arrived at the track looking like an Easter egg in my green shorts, pink bra, blue shoes and purple jacket. Tom was waiting. I spouted a few choice words about a few of my sales reps as we started the 20 min warm up. We ran on the road for this and came back to shed some layers and start the real work.

First up, just 6x100m sprints with 2 mins recovery run between each. By the 4th one, I could feel the burning in my quads. By the 6th one, Tom was starting to get warmped up.

Another easy mile around the track. Seemed like it took forever! Then began the 3x9min tempos. The first one, I started out and lost Tom right away. I looked at my watch as I crossed a mile - 6:27. Uh...can I hang on? Yep. Five and a half laps in 9 mins. And an easy recovery lap. Then off for the second...crossed the mile at 6:31. Again, 5.5 laps. That one hurt. I finally got a glimpse of what Judi means when she says she feels like she's going to shit herself during speed work. Last one...the first couple laps I could feel my quads burning. I tightened my abs, I paid attention to my foot strike, my leg turnover...crossed the mile at 6:38. My pace had slowed a bit, but I made it the full 5.5 laps again. And so grateful for the cooldown.

Tom and I laughed as we made those final loops around the soccer field...and I realized how much my mood had changed. I put on my tights and dress in the parking lot...very discretely (seriously, i'm a master. lol) and went back to my cubicle to rest up for my after work swim :)


Chloe said...

Holy cow! What a great track workout! I wish I lived closer to you so I could join in on the lunchtime fun!

IronMatron said...

I would love to join you too, but um, I live kind of far away, and you'd kick my ass!

LG said...

You are a speedy speedster!! nice job! I always daydream about sneaking out for a lunch time workout, but unfortunately my days do not allow for it...I think it's really cool that you can do it -- and are talented enough to change in the car...i have yet to perfect that - i probably should have made out in more backseats in high school b/c i think it would be good training for something like that ;)

Court said...

Sales reps, whiney? NEVER! ;-)