Sunday, April 26, 2009

my head...

...right now, is full of snot. Like, gallons of it. Seriously, what was I thinking going to Portsmouth this weekend for TTT training?! Beside the facts that my lung capacity is at about 65%, I can't breathe through my nose and my energy levels are waining, the courses for the 4 races are extremely hilly! I made it about 3 hours on the bike yesterday before I finally decided it was just stupid for me to be out there, particularly with one week 'til the Flying Pig. I felt like such a wuss, but I do know better. I couldn't keep up and my legs had no pep. Seriously, it wasn't even fun.

...talked me into staying the night anyway. Missy and I had our own cabin. At one point, all the guys were in it too, but we had the place t o ourselves the majority of the time. I figured I could rest up and even if I couldn't do the prescribed run in the morning (of run down to the trail, run the trail twice and back to the cabin), I could do part of it and see how the course looks. Missy and I did the whole thing anyway. It felt much more difficult than it should have for me. But, I made it through the whole two hours without passing out. totally stuck on someone. CAN NOT GET HIM OUT! ugh. wondering where I'll be moving a month from now. It's become pretty clear I can't live with mom and Kaylee. It's been an experience over the last year, but it's also a 3-ring circus inside these four walls. There are some things happening right now that just don't feel right. And that's something I can totally do without. thinking about those who raced St. Anthony's today!

...needs a break. I'm off for a nap...

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Mary Sunshine said...

As if you didn't know, the pollen count is crazy high right now...just a thought about the snot situation.
So many exciting things going on with you!
Are you running the Pig? such a short time after Cali??? If so, WOW!